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You’ll Never Believe What Kind Of Car Lady Gaga Drives (Hint, It’s Old But It’s Secretly Very Cool)

You’ll Never Believe What Kind Of Car Lady Gaga Drives (Hint, It’s Old But It’s Secretly Very Cool)

Lady Gaga has been the talk of the town on the Red Carpets this winter and spring, but she’s been talk of the town on the black tarmac for a lot longer. Lady Gaga has an awesome collection of rides, from modern European supercars like a Lamborghini Huracán to classic Detroit muscle, like a vintage 60’s Mustang.

Maybe the most understated but super cool one is an early 90s Ford F-150. It’s not your standard F-150.

Gaga in her Huracán

Source: Twitter

The Twitter world was gaga for Gaga when she was spotted driving this early/mid-90s F-150 SVT Lightning. The SVT Lightning was a high performance version of the 150 that was built for a short few years in the 90s and then re-introduced by Ford for a few more years in the early part of the 20th Century. Gaga’s SVT Lightning is one of the formers, likely built between ’93 and ’95. SVT’s had dropped suspension, giving the truck a low ride and excellent handling and a suped-up 5.8 liter V8 that cranked out 240 horsepower. It had improved brakes and a transmission originally built for a F-350. This truck was no grocery-getter. They look awesome too, especially in candy-apple red, like Lady Gaga’s.


Lady Gaga’s unique style translates to the cars she drives. Like this 2012 Audi R8

Source: Twitter

Or this vintage Mustang:

Source: Twitter

And this really awesome 1977 Trans Am she featured the video for her song “Marry The Night:”


She has also been seen in a few different Rolls Royces, both new and vintage, a really cool topless Bronco and more. Almost every car she drives brings some kind of real personality, something you don’t always see in a celebrity, who often only drive the flashiest cars or the most boring cars – like a Prius!

Gaga brings it when it comes to driving in style!