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What Are the World’s Most Dangerous Roads? All About the Infamous ‘Death Road’ and More

What Are the World’s Most Dangerous Roads? All About the Infamous ‘Death Road’ and More

Traveling along some of the world’s most dangerous roads can either leave you feeling exhilarated or completely exhausted. The thrill of traveling along the “Death Road” or other unique roads brings about a lot of different reactions. But people will go out and seek these routes out to see what they are like. It’s the level of interest or intrigue that kicks people out of their comfort zones.

Trying to keep your stomach from going belly up when looking straight down a 1,000-foot drop is one of many situations passengers in buses or cars find themselves in on these roads. Let’s start taking a look at a few of these roads by starting with the Camino de la Muerte, or “Death Road.”

Death Road, the World’s Most Dangerous Road

In Bolivia, people who travel this winding road know about the dangers involved. There are places where it is very, very narrow. Forget about having guard rails all along the way. You will find crosses or memorials to people there. The “Death Road” goes from La Paz down to the lowlands of the Amazon. A traveler will encounter sharp turns and small waterfalls along the way. How did it get the designation of “the world’s most dangerous road”? Highway deaths in the 1990s were piling up and the Inter-American Development Bank came up with the tagline. It’s that treacherous but it also goes into the land of cocoa and gold, too.

Karakoram Highway

This pathway is sometimes referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It runs 810 miles in length between Pakistan and China. Just another of the world’s most dangerous roads. The road reaches a maximum elevation of 15,466 feet. Challenges for drivers include falling rocks, avalanches, cliffs, and floods. The Karakoram Highway goes through one of the world’s most mountainous regions. Buckle up if you drive this highway.

99-Bend Road to Heaven

This wild road is located in China and is quite true to its name. There are 99 hairpin turns hundreds of feet in the air. Now, it is 6.8 miles in length and reaches a maximum elevation of 3,855 feet. The 99-Bend Road is a part of the Tianmen Mountain National Park in central China. Obviously, this road is not for the faint of heart. It justifiably belongs on a list of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway

If you are looking for a road that’ll make you vomit, then congrats because this is yours. The highway is between China and Tibet, 1,330 miles in length. Take note that there are rockslides and avalanches, among other things, that will cause near heart attacks. Yet this road has travelers sharing space with Buddhists and yaks. It is a deadly road, too. Don’t take it lightly.

James Dalton Highway

This 414-mile road is partly paved but mostly just dirt in Alaska. It’s a road frequently used by truckers, ones who go to and from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. One should not expect a lot of amenities when traveling this road. You bring supplies and survival gear. Taking this path will test the mettle of many drivers and travelers. It joins the many other dangerous roads in the world. Beware!

Killar to Pangi Road, via Kishtwar

This bad boy, located in India, will test a human’s nerve of steel. The road is 70.8 miles long, filled with its steep cliffs, no guardrails, unpaved, and in isolation. Look, there’s even a six-mile stretch where rocky overhangs threaten to fall down. It’s made of dirt and gravel, not promoting safety too much. The road is simply atrocious. Drivers also face chilling challenges from not going over a cliff. If they did, then get ready for a 2,000-foot drop.