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Video: This Guy Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Jump A Fire In His Car, The Fire Won

Video: This Guy Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Jump A Fire In His Car, The Fire Won

There are a lot of things you can do with an old car. You could, for example, sell the thing or sell the parts or donate it to charity or put it up on blocks and leave it in your front yard for a few years. That last one will really impress your neighbors. One thing that you probably shouldn’t do is go all Evel Knievel and attempt to jump a bonfire in it. Sure, it’ll take care of the car for good, but… really? Is it really that fun?

Well, it might be, as one guy found out when he and his buddies built a makeshift ramp and a large bonfire.

The approach

As he approached the jump, he gunned it and miraculously made it over the fire and didn’t drive straight through the dirt ramp and into the fire. But he wasn’t out of the woods, so to speak, as almost immediately after landing, there is a problem. His car looked like the Delorean in Back To The Future after it makes the jump back in time.

The “Back To The Future” Effect

The jump is “successful,” but the car is clearly on fire, the undercarriage is ablaze as the car comes to stop. The spectators yell for the driver to get out of the car, as they clearly see the flames from underneath but he doesn’t bail out yet. The driver isn’t done, he wants a bigger show, so he turns the car around and drives it STRAIGHT into the fire.

Round 2

Not happy with his first attempt to drive onto the fire, the driver throws it in reverse and guns it once more. This time it works. A huge plume of fire burst up from the car and finally the driver decides to bail out and as he does, the car gets totally engulfed in flames. The crowd approves and cheers abound as one of the stupidest stunts we’ve seen in a while works. Sort of. We suppose.

It’s not the smartest thing we’ve ever seen, but hey, it is pretty fun to watch! Who doesn’t love a good bonfire?

The driver bails out!

As the driver beats a quick escape, the car goes up in flames.

Oh man we are at the peek
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