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Veterans Day 2023: Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Honors His Vet Dad in Throwback Picture

Veterans Day 2023: Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Honors His Vet Dad in Throwback Picture

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is honoring his father this Veteran’s Day. The singer took to X today and shared a throwback snapshot of himself with his father, Bob Snider, who served in the 1950s.

“HAPPY VETERANS’ DAY TO ALL THE INCREDIBLE MEN AND [WOMEN] WHO GIVE US THE GIFT OF FREEDOM!” he wrote alongside the picture. “I’ve posted this before, but I don’t have an updated one! My favorite vet (Korean War, Master Sgt Bob Snider) is 92 and still my hero!”

The photo mashes together then and now photos. In the first, the father and son duo sits on a couch in 1985. Bob smiles for the camera and Dee leans into him. The second shows the two in 2018 with an almost identical pose.

“Thank you for sacrifice and service to country Sir,” a fan wrote. “Blessings to you.”

“Wonderful!” wrote another. “Please tell him I said thank you for his service. I was stationed in Korea in 1986. He made that possible.”

“Thank you so much Peter for always remembering our veterans! it means a lot to us all…… 100% service connected disabled army veteran here,” added a veteran.

Dee Snider’s Veteran Dad Used to Have Dee Arrested For Fun

The Happy Veteran’s Day post comes after years of a somewhat contemptuous relationship, according to Dee. After leaving the service, Bob went on to become a New York State Trooper. He also carried the strict teaching he learned from the military into his parenting style.

Dee admitted that his dad was rough on him during his teenage and young adult years. Bob worried that Dee wasn’t doing anything productive with his life. Because of that, they’d be at each other’s throats. In fact, his dad yelling “We’re not going to take it” is what inspired his 1984 hit.

Bob also found it funny to have his son fake-arrested at work, which was not fun for Dee at the moment. But now he can laugh in retrospect.

“I used to work down at the beach and he was a state trooper down there. He would have cops come in and arrest me at work!” Snider told Ultimate Classic Rock. “So, I’m working in a burger place on the beach, right? And all of a sudden, these cops come in, throw me into the wall, search me, pull out drugs out of my pocket. I never did a drug in my life! And everybody’s looking. [The cops] handcuff me, drag me out of the place, and my dad’s out back in his squad car going, ‘Hey, just wanted to say hi, see what was going on.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Now I’ve got to go back to work and explain [why] I just got arrested?’ It was tough.”

In 2022, a fan noted on Twitter that Dee and Bob seemed to have a great relationship. Dee responded and admitted he “hated” his father growing up. But as an adult, he realizes that he never would have had the music career and life he does without his dad’s direction.

“Several years ago I realized he made me the man I am & I thanked him for it,” he wrote. “These last few years we’ve become very close…I’m glad he lived long enough.”