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‘Two and a Half Men’ Producer Chuck Lorre Victim of Attempted Burglary

‘Two and a Half Men’ Producer Chuck Lorre Victim of Attempted Burglary

Chuck Lorre, the producer behind Two and a Half Men and other TV hits, reportedly suffered an attempted burglary at his L.A. home. According to TMZ, earlier this month, law enforcement responded to Chuck’s residence following the activation of his security alarm. Upon arrival, they discovered shattered glass, indicating the intruder’s failed attempts to gain entry through a window or glass door.

The police thoroughly investigated the residence and its surroundings. Although no suspects were found, they discovered substantial evidence indicating an attempted burglary, such as a tampered fuse box. According to the outlet, Chuck Lorre was not present during the incident. It is believed that the sound of the alarm deterred the thieves. TMZ also reports this is one in a series of similar incidents at the residence.

The LAPD Allegedly Filed a Report in Regards to the Attempted Burglary

It remains uncertain whether their intentions were to survey Chuck’s residence or to return later to complete the task. According to reports, the LAPD has been notified of the attempted burglary and is currently conducting an investigation. As of now, no arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, in happier news, Lorre recently reunited with his Two and a Half Men collaborator, Charlie Sheen. While crafting the pilot script for their new comedy series Bookie for streamer Max, co-creators Lorre and Nick Bakay found it amusing to introduce a Hollywood celebrity, playing a fictionalized version of themselves as a die-hard gambler.

Chuck Lorre Recently Decided to Reteam with a ‘Two and a Half Men’ Alum

In the early versions of the Lorre and Bakay script, the character was listed as “TBD” (to be determined). However, Lorre couldn’t let go of his idea of the perfect candidate for the role. “It should be Charlie,” Lorre told Variety. “I remember Charlie was very much engaged in sports betting and he would tell me stories about it all the time. You know, when things were good.”

Of course, the idea raised a few eyebrows. Lorre and Sheen had not communicated for over ten years after their widely publicized fallout in 2011. Consequently, Sheen was dismissed from the successful CBS comedy and subsequently replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

However, Chuck Lorre considered it all water under the bridge. “We did 170 episodes together before it all fell apart,” Lorre told the outlet. “More often than not, we had a good time.” Calls were made, and Sheen accepted the part. Lorre had nothing but praise for Sheen, insisting calling the performance, “comedic, not dark.” Bookie drops November 30th on Max.