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Toys ‘R’ Us Making a Comeback 6 Years After Bankruptcy

Toys ‘R’ Us Making a Comeback 6 Years After Bankruptcy

Toys “R” Us fans rejoice! The franchise is making a comeback six years after its heartbreaking bankruptcy and complete closure.

2018 was a bad year for Geoffrey the Giraffe. After more than 70 years, the iconic mascot said goodbye as the toy store giant closed its website and every single storefront around the country.

The company had been having trouble for some time. Retail chains like Walmart, Target, and Amazon proved to be tough competitors for Toys “R” Us. Several new owners came in and tried to save the legendary name from failing, and in September 2017, it made a last-ditch effort to stay open by filing for bankruptcy in hopes of unloadings some of its $5 billion of debt, according to CNN. However, that holiday season proved disastrous when it came in $250 million below its projected 4th quarter earnings.

That January, 735 stores shut down, leaving around 31,000 employees without jobs. It appeared that the company was done forever. However, it now seems that there is no need for the new generations to grow up. They can be Toys “R” Us kids, too.

Toys “R” Us to Open 24 Stores

WHP Global, Toys “R” Us’ parent company, announced its plan to open 24 locations. It will also put several novelty stores on cruise ships and in airports. 

CNN reports that Dallas Fort Worth International will host the first airport store, which will open this November. There is no word on when vacationers can visit the toy store on ships, but WHP Global did specify that those shops will sell cruise-themed items. A partnership Go! Retail Groups will bring the flagship locations to toy lovers during the 2024 holiday season. 

This is huge news for all who are sentimental over their favorite childhood haunt, but it’s not the first step in the revival. Macy’s is currently home to 452 Toys “R” Us shops. Those began opening around the country after the department store penned a deal in 2021. There is also a lone 20,000 sq ft flagship Toys “R” Us inside the New Jersey American Dream Mall, which opened in 2022.