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This McDonald’s Hack Might Satisfy Your Next Big Mac Attack

This McDonald’s Hack Might Satisfy Your Next Big Mac Attack

Recently, the Big Mac has become the star of the show with some epic McDonald’s hacks that have left burger fans hungry for more. The popularity of the stacked burger with tangy sauce is undeniable. According to ABC News, this fast food restaurant sells over 550 million Big Macs annually in the U.S. alone.

Of course, McDonald’s Big Mac consists of a bun layered with Big Mac sauce, onions, lettuce, cheese, a beef patty, another bun, more Big Mac sauce, additional onions, more lettuce, pickles, another beef patty, and a top sesame seed bun.

However, TikTok is riddled with users going to McDonald’s and attempting to come up with the perfect hack to create a would-be Big Mac. A recent such attempt echoes back to a classic episode of The Office. In the episode, Kevin suggests the idea of creating a new Big Mac by removing one ingredient from every purchased Big Mac.

The TikTok hack has sparked frustration among many who are reluctant to embrace the concept. The video showcases someone dismantling their burger, removing a patty, and sandwiching it between two slices of bread, effectively creating two “burgers” for the price of one.

How to Utilize This Big Mac Hack to Save Your Stack at McDonald’s

Hey, any way to satisfy a Big Mac attack is worth a shot. Here are a few tips to consider for the best possible outcome with this hack. There are currently four McDonald’s burgers that come with two patties. These include Big Macs, Double Quarter Pounders, McDoubles, and Double Cheeseburgers. By ordering one of these menu items, you’ll have an extra patty for the next day. And if you opt for a Big Mac, you’ll even get an additional bottom bun as a bonus.

However, there are even more things to consider. Those wishing to use this McDonald’s Big Mac hack should utilize USDA’s food storage recommendations for leftovers. Immediately refrigerate the burger patty to prevent harmful bacteria growth. Consume within four days of preparation. Of course, freezing is an option but may affect quality.

Sounds like all of your bases are covered with scoring some super-sized burgers for free. However, many users were quick to point out flaws in this system. Removing a patty from a fully loaded McDonald’s cheeseburger can be a messy endeavor, as the hack creator nearly loses a tomato in the process. The taste and quality of McDonald’s burgers may diminish when consumed the following day, especially if paired with regular bread instead of the iconic sesame seed bun.

Still… maybe the reward is worth the McRisk.