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‘The Simpsons’ Fans Have Thoughts About the Whole Bart, Homer Strangle Situation

‘The Simpsons’ Fans Have Thoughts About the Whole Bart, Homer Strangle Situation

You may have heard that Homer Simpson of The Simpsons will stop strangling poor Bart, but fans have a few words. Apparently, some of them find this repetitive gag in the cartoon funny and good-natured. Maybe not good-natured, but humorous. This is one of the oldest bits that they’ve been showing us for it seems like forever. Fans love The Simpsons and some of them want the old gags to stay put.

One fan wrote, “Man if you really think about it….. It’s strange Child Protective Services haven’t stepped in at this point”. Another fan says, “It’s good to see cartoons still being cartoons.” This fan states, “Glad to see this was all a dream”. Well, seriously speaking, it was not a dream. Talk of eliminating what obviously is a fan-favorite situation between father and son has stirred up emotions.

Well, this fan says, “who cares about the strangling, the voices have clearly changed”. But they have not. The same fantastic group of actors and actresses who have delivered the Simpsons’ voices are still there.

This interesting interchange between fans took place as they debate whether or not this father-son interaction should remain in The Simpsons. One person writes, “Why is it a good thing this joke stayed?”

The response? “Because it is a cartoon and it is getting ridiculous these days how much people want to brigade things in media because it suffocates creativity and expression. When our entertainment is no longer an escape things just feel annoying.”

Fans Go Back And Forth On ‘The Simpsons’ Strangle Issue

The first fan writes, “Who has a real reason on this topic then? You’re in a public forum asking for a reason by people who are only capable of giving opinions so what are you really saying? Lol you tried to sound smart…” And the reply? “Yes because you sound so intelligent (sarcasm)”.

But this fan seems to have a little more inside knowledge about this matter. “Made very clear in this year’s TOH the gag is far from retired,just not the go-to it used to be,” the fan said with a picture of Milhouse getting strangled by his father.

Another fan states, “Ha! I knew no one would accept letting the strangling thing go, surely Homer doesn’t strangle Bart much as he used to but I’m glad he’s still doing it even when its stupid, wrong & abusive. It was bad enough when Apu’s voice dropped out & god knows how long until he talks again”.

Here’s a fan longing for the good, old days of The Simpsons, saying, “Something that will always be a staple for The Simpsons of the old episodes”.

And one person is looking at this news as a reflection upon the entire generation. The fan wrote, “This generation is way too weak if they have to cancel a tiny thing like it’s a cartoon how dramatic can you be need to go outside”.