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The Most Annoying And Obnoxious Things Passengers Do While You’re Driving

The Most Annoying And Obnoxious Things Passengers Do While You’re Driving

My car, my rules. That’s a universally understood rule, right? Of course, it’s not! There are thousands of examples every day in this country of obnoxious jerks doing annoying things in other people’s cars. These people are subhuman with no respect! Ok, they aren’t THAT bad, most are generally good people, but wow, people sure doing some annoying things in others people cars!

Trying To Control The Music

If I’m driving, it’s my music! No, I don’t want to hear the latest EP from some local punk band you saw at a house party last week and no, I don’t want to hear the latest hot track from Drake. Or maybe I do, but all I know is that I AM PICKING WHEN AND HOW those get played in my car. If I’m driving, I want to listen to something that isn’t going to make we punch my passenger in the face, that would be dangerous. So no, you can’t have the AUX cable, I’m not connecting your phone to Bluetooth and…wait, what, you brought a CD? They still make those?? Throw it out the window. This is best for everyone.

Feet On The Dashboard

Who raised these people? For starters, it’s dangerous, even a minor accident can cause the airbag to deploy and now, instead of a sore neck, you have two broken legs. But forget about that for a second, this isn’t your living room, have some respect and keep your dirty shoes off my clean dashboard! I don’t need to be rubbing out scuff marks just because you can’t sit like an adult.

But it can be worse.

BARE Feet On The Dashboard

Can’t you smell that? You smelly jerk! Take your feet off the dashboard and put your shoes back on! Do you think this is some kind of convalescence home? Do you see your TV nearby? Get dressed!

Yelling In The Back Seat

This is especially bad when you are the designated driver and you have to drive your idiot friends around as they get hammered and get progressively louder and louder as the night goes on. And for Pete’s sake stop catcalling the girl at the stoplight next to us!

Eating In The Car

This isn’t a restaurant. I spend a lot of time in my car and I take care of it. I don’t need you coming in with your Taco Bell drive-thru order dropping shredded lettuce between the seats that I can’t even know is there until my car starts to smell like pure death. You know what? Don’t even bring your bag of food in the car, the smell of your chalupas makes me sick.

Leaning Forward From The Backseat

Get out of my face dude! Seriously, sit back, relax, I’m the one doing the work!

This leads directly to the last one, the worst offense…


Yes, I know where I’M going! Yes, I see that car to the right! Yes, I know where we need to turn. YES, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW FAST I AM GOING!

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!

It all just makes you want to never let another person in your car ever again. Our cars are our sanctuaries and too many jerks ruin it for everyone.