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The Craziest Traffic Laws In Each State

The Craziest Traffic Laws In Each State

Laws are put in place to keep people safe, and should be followed at all times. Even if they don’t make any sense whatsoever. Here are some of the strangest laws from the 50 states.

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1. Don’t even think about driving blindfolded in Alabama. For some reason, this had to be made into a law.

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2. In the mood to tie a dog to your car roof? Well, don’t (especially because that’s weird and illegal) in Alaska.

3. You’ll find yourself in a world of hurt if you’re caught driving a car in reverse on a public road in Arizona.

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4. God will smite you if you honk your horn anywhere that serves sandwiches or cold drinks after 9 pm in Arkansas. You’ve been warned.

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5. Ladies, take off your housecoat before you go for a drive in California! Weird state, weirder laws.

6. Don’t take your black car for a joyride on Sundays in Denver, Colorado folks.

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7. Hey firetrucks, in no way can you EVER exceed 25 miles per hour (yes, that includes going to a housefire) in Connecticut.

8. Changing clothes in your vehicle in Delaware is a one-way ticket to jail, bucko.

9. Be sure to feed the meter in Florida if you tie an elephant, alligator or goat to it (Florida, you guys good?).

10. Feel free to spit from a truck in Georgia, but enjoy a night in jail if you do so from a car or bus.

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11. Don’t even THINK about using those hazard lights if your vehicle is in motion in Hawaii!

12. If you’re over the age of 88 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, do yourself a favor and stay away from motorcycles. The elderly are barred from operating said vehicles.

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13. Looking for a way to get arrested in Illinois? Driving a car without a steering wheel will certainly do the trick.

14. In Indiana it’s apparently illegal to sell a car on a Sunday.

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15. For some reason it is illegal to throw a Red Ryder BB gun onto the highway in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Yeah, this one has me dumbfounded too.

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16. Is transporting dead poultry one of your favorite pastimes? Feel free to do anywhere but in Kansas because that is definitely illegal.

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17. Make sure you don’t let your pets inappropriately touch a vehicle in Fort Thomas, Kentucky!

18. Ladies in Louisiana – your husband is legally required to wave a flag in front of your car before you can drive it.

19. Looking to buy a car in Maine? Doing so on a Sunday will earn you one night in the big house.

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20. Swear all you want, just not from a vehicle in Rockville, Maryland

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21. Sorry people, leave your gorillas at home if you’re going for a drive in Massachusetts. These apes are barred from personal motor vehicles.

22. In the mood to relax and read the newspaper for a bit? Do so ANYWHERE but in the middle of a street (which, you should not be doing anyway) in Michigan.

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23. Mickey Mouse might not beat you senseless with a baseball bat if you drive a truck in Minnetonka, Minnesota that leaves dirt, mud, or a sticky substance in the road, but it’s against the law.

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24. THINK OF THE HORSES. Honking your horn in Oxford, Mississippi is a big no-no because it might scare them.

25. Have you ever wanted to honk someone else’s car horn? Well, don’t do it in Missouri, chief.

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26. Life is better with pals, especially if you plan on having sheep in your truck in Montana. You’re going to need a chaperone for that one.

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27. By law, drivers on mountains should drive with caution near the right edge of the highway, even though there are no mountains in Nebraska (who came up with this one, I’m not mad, just disappointed).

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28. Guys, please leave your camels at home in Nevada. They’re not allowed to be ridden on the highway.

29. Everyone likes to be happy right? Well, find a way other than inhaling bus fumes in New Hampshire.

30. SMILES ONLY in New Jersey, because frowning at a police officer will get you a night in the slammer.

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31. Hey taxi drivers in New Mexico, don’t pull customers into your taxi because that’s weird and illegal here.

32. Feel like disrobing in your car in Sag Harbor in New York? Well, I hope you feel like going to jail.

33. Not that people should be doing this in general, but it’s illegal to play in traffic in North Carolina.

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34. Think again about putting a penny in an automatic parking ticket machine in North Dakota, buckos. Unless you want a trip to the slammer!

35. Running out of gas won’t be your only issue in Youngstown, Ohio, because that’s illegal.

36. Big comic book fan? Read them whenever you want, just not while driving in Oklahoma.

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37. Do you find yourself driving on the sidewalk in Oregon? Well, just make sure you yield to pedestrians.

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38. Out for a nice drive in the countryside of Pennsylvania? Well, make sure to stop every mile to set off flares, then wait for ten minutes to let livestock clear the road.

39. I have so many questions about this, but you cannot ride a horse on a Rhode Island highway if you’re looking to race or test the speed of the horse.

40. Don’t even think about storing trash in your vehicle in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Yup, I’m definitely going to jail for this one.

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41. Most kids start high school at the age of 14, and in South Dakota, kids can also get their drivers license then!

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42. Once more, this raises more questions than answers- you can’t shoot any game besides whales from a moving vehicle in Tennessee. I know, I know; just go with it.

43. Make sure you have windshield wipers if you’re looking to register a car in Texas; but, you don’t have to have a windshield because, just okay.

44. This one goes out to the flyboys of the world; birds have the right of way on all highways in Utah.

45. I’m looking at the cars for this one – if you dare to backfire in Rutland, Vermont, that’s gonna spell out some trouble for your owner.

46. Ladies in Virginia, make sure your husband walks in front of your car waving a red flag because you cruise down Highway 46. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, folks.

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47. Let’s make this one legal everywhere; motorists must declare any criminal intentions to the chief of police in Washington.

48. I know this may be a tough one to avoid, but it is illegal to eat roadkill in West Virginia. Sorry, ya’ll.

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49. Oh no, I’ve actually done this before – it’s illegal for a person to ride a bicycle with their hands off of the handlebars in Wisconsin. See you all later, I’m going to turn myself in.

50. Got an extra $750 laying around? If that’s a no, then be sure to close a gate crossing over a road, river, stream or ditch in Wyoming unless you wanna pay up.

People, you’ve all been warned about these rules. Go forth now my children, and obey these (incredibly strange) laws.