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The Craziest Russian Dashboard Camera Videos

The Craziest Russian Dashboard Camera Videos

Dashboard cameras are big in Russia. They are so popular and necessary that almost every driver has one. At the same time, Russian roads and drivers are completely bonkers. The good news for everyone else is that combining those two things makes for some amazing videos. So sit back and enjoy the ones we found the most insane.

If you’ve never seen what life on Russian roads looks like, this amazing 30-second video is a great summary of what can and does happen all the time.


Sometimes, planes are just randomly taking off in the middle of a road. It doesn’t end well.

It’s almost like this sewage truck is displaying his frustration with Russian drivers. And making a huge, disgusting mess.

Ok, admittedly not a dash cam, but seriously, what is the guy in the VW thinking? Did he know the biker? Did they have beef? Does he just hate all bikers? His timing was impeccable.

This guy threads the needle and should be commended not only for his quick reaction but because he had to do it on ice and snow (of which there is a lot of in Russia)! And wait for it, it takes a minute to get the craziest part.

Nothing accident related here and while it’s a bit old at this point, this is amazing footage of a huge meteor that struck Russia in 2012.

Maybe the most amazing crash you’ll ever see. The driver is thrown out of the windshield, flips around as the truck comes to a stop and he hops off and walks away, completely unhurt. This is like a magic trick!

Just another day on the highways and bi-ways of Russia. With a military helicopter flying about 10 feet off the pavement!


This poor fella came back to his car in the morning to find it covered in scratches. It turns out, a pack of feral dogs had a party on his hood.

And finally, a nice story that shows the can-do spirit of the average Russian when a man comes across a felled tree across the road. Luckily, like any good Russian might have for safety, he has a chainsaw handy and hehe goes to work breaking down the tree in a matter of minutes, while other drivers join him to haul off the wood.