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The Coolest, Craziest and Scariest Roads In The World

The Coolest, Craziest and Scariest Roads In The World

1. Nürburgring in Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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Some roads are fun, like the Nürburgring in Germany. This 15.2 mile-long race track is technically part of the famous Autobahn, Germany’s highway system, so it’s open to the public and there is no speed limit. Open up and let it fly!

2. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

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Some roads are marvels, like The Atlantic Ocean Road, an incredible feat of engineering. With its combination of bridges, causeways, viaducts, and roads, it runs an archipelago in a completely exposed section of the North Atlantic. Parts of it look like they were designed by Dr. Suess.

3. Transfagarasan Road in Romania

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Some roads are beautiful, like the Transfagarasan road in Romania, which has been called “the best road in the world.”

4. The Guoliang Tunnel in China

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Some roads are just bonkers. The Guoliang Tunnel was built by the industrious villagers of Guoliang, a town that would cut off from the rest of civilization without it. It is carved on the side and through a mountain, like a ride at Disney World.

5. Lombard St. in San Francisco

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Some roads are whimsical. None more so than Lombard St. in San Francisco, dubbed “the crookedest street in the world.”

6. The Dalton Highway in Alaska

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Some roads are dangerous. The Dalton Highway in Alaska, made famous by the ice road truckers, covers some of the bleakest, coldest and most remote areas of world. Any breakdown or crash out here can be life-threatening.

7. North Yungas Road in Bolivia

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Some roads are even more insanely dangerous. Officially known as “North Yungas Road” in Bolivia, the road is more commonly called “The Road of Death” because of it’s narrow passes, huge dropoffs and crazy bus and truck drivers. Between 2 and 3 hundred people die on the road every single year.