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Tennessee Teens Busted For Carjacking After Not Knowing This One Important Skill

Tennessee Teens Busted For Carjacking After Not Knowing This One Important Skill

If you’ve read the headline then I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what important skill I’m talking about. Here’s a hint, they’re jokingly called “Millennial Anti-Theft Devices” aka the good ole stickshift. Now it’s generally always a bad idea to steal a car but even worse is trying to steal a car without having any idea how to drive a stick.

Well, the joke/meme finally caught up with reality in Tennesse when two teens were busted for failing miserably at stealing a stick shift.

The teens, ages 15 and 17, attempted to steal one car from a woman in a parking garage. Frightened, she screamed and held down on the horn until the teens fled. An hour later, the kids snatched a pair of keys from another lady at a grocery store. They entered her vehicle only to find a manual transmission which neither of them knew how to operate more or less even start.


The duo was apprehended then charged with attempted robbery/carjacking, theft of property, and attempted theft of a vehicle in Juvenile Court.

Though good news for that second lady, an increasing amount of young folks don’t know how to drive a manual transmission these days.

A 2016 report found that only 18 percent of U.S. drivers know how to drive a manual car. Only about five percent of vehicles sold in the country that year had a stick shift; that’s down from 25 percent of vehicles in 1987.

The times are certainly changing that’s for sure. Well, at least those who drive manuals can rest easy; their stick shift will continue to thwart would-be thieves for years to come.