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Taco Bell Menu From the 90s: See What Each Item Costs

Taco Bell Menu From the 90s: See What Each Item Costs

If you had the privilege of indulging in Taco Bell during the 1990s, you know that everything tasted better back in the day. The exact reasons for this heightened dining experience remain a mystery. But there’s no doubt that The Bell’s food was simply better 30 years ago.

One contributing cause to this nostalgia-fueled take could be the affordability factor. Glancing at the prices from that era, it’s impossible to miss how many tasty options were available for less than $5. Even crazier, a complete Grande Meal could be enjoyed for less than $9. That’s a deal that left little room for dissatisfaction.

Seriously. What more could one ask for in a fast-food dining experience?

Remembering Taco Bell’s Iconic Cameo in ‘Demolition Man’

Demolition Man, the 1993 sci-fi action film, is another wonderful 90s staple.

The movie is set in a crimeless, futuristic society in the year 2032. Sylvester Stallone plays a cop, John Spartan, who’s thawed out to catch a criminal. That criminal, Simon Phoenix, is played perfectly by Wesley Snipes. The film explores their clash in a utopian but restrictive future. It’s fondly remembered for its humor, action, and commentary on societal control.

In the US version of movie, Taco Bell stands as the sole surviving restaurant of “The Franchise Wars.” The restaurant, like everything else in the futuristic version of San Angeles, features a vastly different decor and a transformed take on nachos compared to that of the 90s.

In honor of Demolition Man’s 25th anniversary, a replica of the upscale Taco Bell featured in the film was brought to life as a pop-up at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Attendees were treated to a complimentary four-course meal. They were even served by a waitstaff that donned uniforms reminiscent of those from the film.

Perhaps there was nothing more 90s than going to see Demolition Man in theaters and then grabbing some Taco Bell afterward.