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Taco Bell Debuts ‘S.O.S Kit’ For College Kids That Includes Hot Sauce & Stain Resistant Sheets

Taco Bell Debuts ‘S.O.S Kit’ For College Kids That Includes Hot Sauce & Stain Resistant Sheets

Taco Bell at Home, the brand’s retail division, is equipping college students with an “SOS Kit” to summon menu items in their dorms. Each kit includes a range of Taco Bell at Home products, featuring new mild and hot flavored crunchy taco shells, mild, hot, Fire, and Diablo sauces, as well as original and fajita seasoning packets. Kits will be delivered directly to students, courtesy of Amazon, while supplies last. Students only need to add their choice of protein or veggies to complete the meals.

The new kit features a somewhat curious detail. It comes with a TwinXL-sized bed sheet that is spill- and stain-resistant, allowing students to enjoy meals from the cozy comfort of their beds. This addition was inspired by the popular TikTok trend “Taco Bell in Bed,” which has garnered nearly 15 million views. These kits were intentionally designed to coincide with finals season when students are immersed in their studies.

Instagram influencer Markie Devo posted pictures of the kit on Instagram.

Fast food fans couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the kit’s inclusion of stain-resistant sheets. “Stain resistant for the aftermath?” one Instagram user quipped.

The SOS Kit campaign comes as Taco Bell plans to expand its retail presence. In October, Taco Bell designated Kraft Heinz as its primary retail manufacturer, to increase the availability of Taco Bell products on store shelves and expand into additional channels. This partnership also aims to secure new investments for marketing initiatives, including the current campaign.

Demand for the Taco Bell ‘SOS Kit’ Has Been Surprisingly High

You can find the kits for just $7.99 on TacoBellSOS.com. However, they have been incredibly popular. The company paused sales shortly after its initial debut on December 5th.

“Due to incredibly high demand, we are pausing sales of the Taco Bell at Home SOS Kit on Amazon for the remainder of Tues., Dec. 5,” a representative for Taco Bell At Home told FOX Business. “We know this time of year is busy for college students, so to give more fans a fair shot at getting their SOS kits, we plan to reopen the Amazon storefront at 12pm ET on Wed., Dec. 6,” they added.

However, Markie Devo also noted in their Instagram post that the item was still frequently sold out. They urged their followers to, “follow along for restock at Tacobellsos.com.”