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Taco Bell Brings Back Beloved ‘Choco Taco’

Taco Bell Brings Back Beloved ‘Choco Taco’

If you are a fan of the “Choco Taco” and have been yearning for one, then you are in luck thanks to the people at Taco Bell. Yes, one of America’s favorite Mexican fast-food restaurants is bringing this fan favorite back this summer. Imagine being able to get one of these again, biting into the “Choco Taco” with all that taste and flavoring.

OK, here’s the deal. Taco Bell, as part of its new menu items for 2024, is partnering up with Portland-based Salt & Straw ice cream company. They will be making the Ice Cream Chocolate Taco. It will feature waffle cones, cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in chocolate, and topped with toasted brown rice.


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Taco Bell CEO Loves Him Some ‘Chuco Taco’

Today reports that Sean Tresvant, CEO of Taco Bell, hung around Portland, Oregon a bit before taking on his new role. Tresvant learned of Salt & Straw, where it has been putting its spin on the “Choco Taco.” They’ve been doing the “Chocolate Tacolate” for more than a decade.

Tresvant wanted to bring the “Choco Oho” back to Taco Bell, so he picked up the phone and reached out to Salt & Straw.

“We had no idea how or where this special recipe could ever make it to a larger platform,” Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw head chef and co-founder, said. He was not thinking about getting his recipe into Taco Bell at all. Well, all that changed when Malek headed into the testing kitchen.

“I always loved the layers upon layers of texture in an ice cream taco,” Malek said. “Your teeth rattle through waffle cone, chocolate, ice cream and more chocolate. We tried to lean into that.”

The end result, after all that testing was done, is the “Choco Taco.” Yet this version does have “a bit of a gourmet twist,” Malek said. How does that work, sir?

Look Out For Spicy Ice Cream In New Taco

“The ice cream is slightly spiced and has significantly more butterfat and less air than anything you’ve had before,” Malek said. “We use an especially dark chocolate that still holds a rich flavor even after being frozen. On the very top of the taco, we wanted a bit of crunch, so found a rare blend of toasted brown rice that has that effect while also adding an evocative, almost toasty characteristic.”

By the way, Taco Bell is keeping up with the trends out there. They know people are looking for sweet and spicy (or “swicy”) items. To keep up with demand, Taco Bell has developed sweet hot sauces for dipping to complete the treat.

For old-school fans of the original “Choco Taco,” Malek said this new version would scratch the itch. But it just might bring on something even better.

“This is what I always romantically dreamt of the old treat tasting like, but that they never lived up to,” Malek said.

Taco Bell has franchises all over the United States. As the “Chuco Taco” spreads this summer, it will be interesting to see how people welcome it back in their diets.