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‘Sandlot’: Marty York’s Mother Had Major Concerns About Boyfriend’s Mental Health Prior to Murder

‘Sandlot’: Marty York’s Mother Had Major Concerns About Boyfriend’s Mental Health Prior to Murder

Deanna Esmaeel, mother of The Sandlot star Marty York, did go online and share her concerns about her boyfriend’s mental health. This took place before Esmeel died.

According to TMZ, Esmaeel stopped by a schizophrenia Facebook group and asked for some guidance. She said, in part, “Anyone else here have spouse or significant other with schizophrenia … mine doesn’t trust me and accuses me of cheating constantly.”

In referring to Daniel James Walter, her boyfriend, Esmaeel, whose son Marty York said she has received a lot of name-calling and that Waller got physical for no good reason. Also, Esmaeel had left a comment on someone’s post. That person asked how others deal with the abuse coming from a schizophrenia partner.

Esmaeel wrote, “You will learn to see a pattern in his behavior. When you see this pattern initiate put in earplugs or headphones and turn up the music. Don’t listen. Keep smiling.”

Marty York Speaks Out After Mother’s Murder

Esmaeel also informed this person that such abusive reactions are not a reflection of the partner’s true feelings. She added, “I get mine to smoke pot as cannabis actually stops the episode and redirects it.” She was found dead in her home on Thursday.

Police officers have said that Walter is a suspect. But they’ve been able to track down the car and eventually arrest him in Oregon.

York did speak out right after the killing happened. He said, “Last night my mother was murdered by a man she was seeing. Right now there is a nationwide manhunt.” York urged anyone with info to call the cops. He also noted that he felt he would “physically maul” Walter if he found him before the police did.

Reports Indicate Where He Was Found

According to another report from Wild Rivers Outpost, there were reports that police discovered the mother of Marty York while inside her Northern California home. This happened after co-workers were concerned and asked for a welfare check. Esmaeel worked as a deputy with the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.

Walter, according to reports, reportedly changed his name to Edward Patrick Davies back in July. The Sheriff’s Department has put out a nationwide manhunt for the capture of Walter.

But authorities did track down Walter. They found him in Curry County, Oregon. Authorities arrested Walter and put him in jail on Friday, October 13. At this time, Walter is waiting for his trial in Del Norte County. There is a $1 million bail set for him, according to SFGate. The authorities also slammed down Walter with one count of murder in the Esmaeel case.