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Pizza Hut Offering ‘Goodbye Pies’ Complete With Breakup Message for Valentines Day

Pizza Hut Offering ‘Goodbye Pies’ Complete With Breakup Message for Valentines Day

Relationship taking a nosedive this Valentine’s Day? Pizza Hut has a thoughtful solution: bid a mouthwatering farewell with a Hot Honey pie.

Pizza Hut recently unveiled its heartfelt “Goodbye Pies” campaign on February 6th. This unique initiative allows customers to request free delivery of a Hot Honey pizza to the address of an ex-lover. From now until Valentine’s Day, Casanovas can visit GoodbyePies.com to send this heartfelt gesture to their long-lost partner or soon-to-be ex.

The focal point of the campaign revolves around the launch of additions to the Pizza Hut menu, featuring offerings such as the Hot Honey pizza and Hot Honey wings.

On top of that, Pizza Hut has got you covered with an “excuse generator” for the ultimate Valentine’s Day relationship exit strategy. Valid excuses via the generator include “My dog doesn’t like you.” Another excuse hits close for millennials. “I need to focus on my career in making amateur colored pencil drawings of celebrities from the early 2000’s,” the generator claimed.

Pizza Hut’s ‘Goodbye Pies’ Run Through Valentine’s Day

The “Goodbye Pies” campaign is running until February 14th and is currently available at select locations in New York, Miami, and Chicago. However, even if you’re not in one of these areas, you can still visit GoodbyePies.com to request a breakup message and receive a gift card for a Hot Honey pizza to send to your ex, while supplies last.

Pizza Hut has a rich history of marketing campaigns that strategically set its brand apart from competitors such as Papa John’s and Domino’s. One notable example is their recent introduction of the “Reverse Delivery” doormat in December. This allowed customers to not only make a purchase but also gift a complimentary pizza to their dedicated delivery driver.

However, Pizza Hut isn’t alone in its Valentine’s Day offerings. Krispy Kreme is offering a delightful selection of heart-shaped treats. Indulge in their four new cream-filled donuts, each with its unique twist. The “You Color My World” donut, adorned with red sprinkles, is filled with delectable cake batter Kreme. For a burst of sweetness, try the “You’re Berry Sweet” donut, coated in pink sugar and dipped in strawberry icing, complete with classic white filling and sprinkles.

Doughnut enthusiasts have the opportunity to personalize their Valentine’s Day gift, while Krispy Kreme employees will add a personal touch by including handwritten notes in the custom box.