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Oreo Introduces 3 New Flavors Including One Jerry Seinfeld Would Love

Oreo Introduces 3 New Flavors Including One Jerry Seinfeld Would Love

A Festivus for the rest of us! Oreo lovers and Seinfeld fans unite! The classic cookie brand has announced three new flavors coming in 2024. This includes their take on the New York City favorite, the Black & White Cookie. Oreo teased the new flavor on Instagram.

The iconic black and white cookie, loved in NYC, will soon be reimagined as an Oreo delight. Imagine luscious Golden Oreo cookies with layers of chocolate and vanilla creme filling. These Oreo Black & White Cookie Sandwich Cookies will be limited edition and available while supplies last.

Black-and-white cookies are round cookies with two-colored icing, one-half vanilla, and the other chocolate. They are popular in the Northeastern United States and Florida. These cookies have fondant or royal icing on a dense cake base and are commonly found in the New York metropolitan area. Half-moon cookies, on the other hand, are slightly dome-shaped with frosting on a fluffy angel cake base and are common in Central New York and Boston, Massachusetts.

Of course, Seinfeld fans will recall Jerry getting deep about the merits of the Black & White Cookie on a classic episode. Jerry passionately extols the virtues of the Black & White Cookie to Elaine. He suggests that if only people would embrace the wisdom of the cookie, our problems would magically crumble away.

Oreo Has Two Other New Flavors Coming Soon

Two other new flavors will be introduced by Oreo soon. Gluten-Free Golden Oreos are about to make their grand entrance on the shelves in the New Year. No longer will Oreo’s gluten-free version be alone, wandering the bleak plains of gluten-free cookies. These certified gluten-free beauties are here to stay, with vanilla sandwich cookies filled with classic Oreo creme.

Oreo’s Cakesters line, known for its softer side, is introducing a delightful addition to its repertoire. Alongside the classic Chocolate flavor, the Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters are making a comeback. These delectable treats consist of luscious peanut butter-flavored creme filling nestled between two moist and indulgent chocolate snack cakes. All three of these new Oreo flavors are set to drop on Jan. 3, 2024.

Of course, throughout this year, an array of Oreo flavors has made its debut and bid farewell, featuring creations like Red Velvet Oreos, Cotton Candy Oreos, Blackout Cake Oreos, and many more. In April, S’moreos made a limited-time comeback, unveiling a campfire-ready cookie that initially went by the name “S’mores Oreos” during its original release in 2021. However, in response to lighthearted teasing from fans, the cookie’s moniker was refined to the more concise portmanteau for its grand return.