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‘Night Court’s Richard Moll Dead at 82, Fans Flood Social Media In Response

‘Night Court’s Richard Moll Dead at 82, Fans Flood Social Media In Response

Richard Moll, beloved character actor and star of Night Court has passed away at age 80. Fans have flooded social media to pay tribute. Along with playing the break-out character Bull on Night Court, Moll had a broad range of roles. He made appearances on genre shows like Highlander, as well as lending his voice to villain Two-Face on Batman: The Animated Series. The actor touched generations of fans, and they came out in force to mourn his death.

Of course, Night Court fans came out to show their support. “Sad to hear the passing of Richard Moll, aka Bull from Night Court,” one fan wrote.” He stood 6’8 but had the presence of a kitten.”

Batman fans were quick to point out that the actor personified the role of Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face. “To me, he’ll always be Gotham’s DA Harvey Dent,” one fan wrote. “Thank you, Richard, for bringing Two-Face together with such an amazing voice.”

Other fans remembered guest appearances Moll made on huge sitcoms outside of Night Court. “Today, we say goodbye to Richard Moll, who guest starred in the “Fonzie’s Funeral” two-parter of Happy Days,” one Happy Days superfan pointed out.

Twitter/X user “We Geek Girls” posted a tribute with images of all of the iconic genre roles Moll played over the decades. Along with Bull and Two-Face, they included roles from the horror film House and his turn as Scorpion on Spider-man: The Animated Series.

Another fan pointed out that only two members of the original Night Court cast remain. “It’s sad to know that as of today only Dan and Roz remain,” they wrote on X/Twitter. “RIP Richard Moll.”

Richard Moll’s Distinct Voice Earned Him Many Roles

From 1984 to 1992, Moll portrayed the role of “Bull” Shannon on NBC’s Night Court, alongside Harry Anderson and John Larroquette. Bull, the court’s affable bailiff, developed a close bond with Roz Russell, played by Marsha Warfield. Known for his endearing catchphrase, “Ohh-kay,” Bull’s simple yet kind perspective on life added to his charm.

After Night Court, Moll provided his distinctive gravelly voice for various video games and comic book projects, including his role as Harvey Dent in Batman: The Animated Series. He also appeared in horror films like 2013’s Ghost Shark and 2018’s Slay Belles.

He voiced Scorpion in the 90s’ Spider-Man: The Animated Series and appeared in minor roles in films like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comedy Jingle All the Way, and Scary Movie 2.

The actor, standing tall at 6’8″, opted out of the recent Night Court reboot with Larroquette. In the original series finale, his character was kidnapped by aliens who needed his towering height to access high shelves.