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Netflix ‘Cheat Codes’ Reveal Hidden Film & TV Treasures

Netflix ‘Cheat Codes’ Reveal Hidden Film & TV Treasures

Netflix scrolling can lead to seeing the same options again and again. However, “cheat codes” unlock much more of the streamer’s library.

Everyone has doom-scrolled the streaming service looking for fresh options. Hidden within Netflix’s vast library are secret codes, unlocking odd genres and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From unseen masterpieces to unheard-of treasures, a world of entertainment awaits.

The Netflix cheat codes reveal very specific and often hilarious subgenera to browse. Deep Sea Horror Movies, Quirky Romance, and Steamy Thrillers are just a sampling of the slew of categories, according to Unilad. To access the webpage of each genre, simply enter the four-digit code into your web browser after the following address: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/.

Here’s a sampling of the codes that caught our eye. B-Horror Movies: 8195, Classic Action & Adventure: 46576, Classic Comedies: 31694, and Classic Dramas: 29809. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Codes can be found for almost any category you can think of. Please note that this option is only available on the website and is not compatible with phones, NOW boxes, or the Amazon Firestick.

Meanwhile, Netflix Raised Their Prices Again Following Password Sharing Crackdown

In its Q3 earnings report, the streaming giant announced a price increase for its premium ad-free plan in the US. The plan is now $22.99/month, reflecting a $3 increase. The one-stream basic plan will also see a price adjustment to $11.99 in the US. However, all other plans, including the entry-level ad-supported tier at $6.99/month, will remain unchanged.

Despite the password crackdown and price increases, the streamer continues to grow. The company saw a significant 9% growth in average paid memberships, with a whopping 8.8 million new subscribers added last quarter. This is a big increase compared to the 2.4 million added in the same quarter of the previous year, according to CNN. In total, Netflix reported an impressive 247 million paid global subscribers in the third quarter.

Netflix actually attributes its subscriber growth to cracking down on password-sharing. The company’s “paid sharing” initiative has been started globally, resulting in fewer cancellations than expected. Former users of borrowed passwords are now loyal paying subscribers, according to Netflix.

Netflix previously increased its prices in January 2022. Of course, its major rivals have all followed suit since then. In August, Disney+ raised its prices by $3 per month for the second time this year. The company also implemented price hikes for Hulu. Additionally, Max introduced its first-ever price increase in January 2023, amounting to an extra $1 per month. Netflix appears to be the only streaming service that continues to grow as others flooding the market struggle.