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McDonald’s Worker Reveals Secret Codes Employees Use

McDonald’s Worker Reveals Secret Codes Employees Use

If you want to learn how to make burgers as fast as a McDonald’s line cook, you’re in luck. An employee at an England location is sharing her secrets with all of TikTok.

A cook named Abbie is going viral after recording a video for curious customers. Under the handle @cribbscausewaymcdonalds, she shows someone constructing a double cheeseburger from start to finish and reveals the secret codes she and the other employees use to communicate on the job. The entire process only takes 13 seconds

“First, take your bun and pop it down the toaster,” says the voiceover. “Whilst that’s toasting, grab your wrapper. Whatever the burger is, have that name at the top corner facing towards the toaster.”

After showing exactly how to position the bun top on the wrapper, Abbie continued by sharing the list of ingredients and how to assemble them. First comes ketchup, then mustard. Once the condiments are smothered on the bread, add regular diced onions, two pickles, and two slices of cheese on the top bun and another two on the bottom half of the bun.

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Cost Over 100% More Than it Did 40 Years Ago

The first hamburger patty comes next. It goes on top of the top layer of cheese to help get the melty deliciousness. Then the second layer of cheese goes on top of that followed by the last patty. Stack the bottom bun on top, wrap the burger, and flip. Voila.

Since posting the video, Abbie has earned 22k views. Her page also shows McDonald’s connoisseurs how to make quarter-pounders, chili cheese bites, french fries, and more.

Making the menu items may look pretty easy to the average eye, but it’s not as easy as speeding through the drive-thru. However, with years of inflation eating at our wallets, it may be more cost-effective to take Abbie’s instructions to our kitchens.

According to a resurfaced 1983 menu, McDonald’s used to charge only $0.80 for a double cheeseburger, compared to an average of $2.97 today, which is well over a 100% increase.