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McDonald’s Worker Retires After 45 Years With Granddaughter as Her Final Customer

McDonald’s Worker Retires After 45 Years With Granddaughter as Her Final Customer

After an impressive 45-year run under the Golden Arches, a Pennsylvania woman has retired from McDonald’s. Dot Sharp, the beloved Gibsonia, Pennsylvania drive-thru cashier, served her final order on Friday, marking the end of an era. Just recently, she celebrated her 84th birthday on December 2nd.

Having seen so much on her journey, she admits there is one thing she will truly miss above all else.

“I’m really sad about that because it’s not so much the food, it’s the people,” Sharp told Pittsburgh’s WTAE. “The people that I work with, they were great, they treated me great all these years, and we have the best customers in the world here.”

Sharp’s granddaughter Dottie Sims completed her grandmother’s McDonald’s journey as her final customer. “She was there with me for my first order. I used to go to work with her when I was little, and she would (let me) hand out customers change for them,” Sims said. However, the legacy continues. Sims currently works at a nearby McDonald’s location.

Before She Retired From McDonald’s, Dot Sharp Witnessed Iconic Menu Options Roll Out

According to the McDonald’s location, Sharp has been employed there since 1978. Before her retirement, she witnessed the introduction of iconic menu items like Happy Meals, McRib Sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, and McFlurries. She also remembers the ill-fated McPizza from 1986 and the subsequent launch of the full line of McCafe coffee beverages in 2001.

“We started the Happy Meal down (at the first location). Whenever they came out with the Barbie and the Hot Wheel ones, people would come in and order 50 Happy Meals at one time,” Sharp recalled.

McDonald’s owner and operator Meghan Sweeney weighed in on Dot’s retirement. “Dot has been an amazing contributor to McDonald’s of Gibsonia,” Sweeney said in a news release. “Our customers love her and so have generations of her fellow co-workers. We’re so lucky to have had her on our team!”

Sharp has remained a steadfast figure at the restaurant, even amidst multiple changes in ownership. Her journey began by working under a different franchisee at the Gibsonia location. She gracefully transitioned when the restaurant was acquired by McDonald’s Corporation, persevered through the transfer to Meghan’s father, Paul Sweeney, and once again stood strong as Meghan herself took over. Through her retirement, Sharp’s dedication and commitment remained unwavering.

“We truly appreciate all that Dot did for our organization,” Sweeney said. “She brought a sunny disposition to every shift and always made the customer her top priority. I’m hoping Dot enjoys a well-deserved break in her retirement.”