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McDonald’s to Open New ’80s Themed Fast Food Chain

McDonald’s to Open New ’80s Themed Fast Food Chain

McDonald’s is opening a new restaurant called CosMc’s in the greater Chicago area. While the company is keeping the project super-secret, people have been digging up information online and adding intrigue and excitement to the mystery.

The first location for this 80’s themed concept will soon open in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Several people have said the restaurant feels and looks like McDonald’s, Sonic, and Starbucks tied into one.

A TikTocker named Snackolator did some investigating, found the upcoming menu, and put together a video for his fans. In it, he claims that CosMc’s is putting its main focus on specialty drinks. For example, they have a line called “Signature Galactic Boosts,” which honors the company mascot, who is a space adventurer. The Boosts are sugar-filled, brightly colored dessert-type items. However, they’ll also have special teas, coffees, slushies, etc.


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CosMc’s also appears to have food as well, and not just snacky items. Snackolator saw burgers and sandwiches on the menu, including a spicy queso sandwich, a creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich, etc. They’re also bringing in some classic McDonald’s meals. CosMc’s will apparently boast the egg and sausage McMuffins. The chain will sell plenty of baked goods and desserts, as well.

Snack-wise, CosMc’s will offer pretzel bites, mini-donuts, and snack boxes. The account noted that because the IL front is the original location, it will have some items that won’t be sold in other places.

McDonald’s is Bringing Back a 1980s Character as CosMc’s Mascot

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski gave a little insight into CosMc’s vision during the chain’s second-quarter earnings call over the summer, per Chicago5. He said, “CosMc’s is a small-format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality.” Kempczinski also shared that the company will be testing food in  “a limited geography.”

Chicago5 also shared that CosMc, the mascot, is the same alien character that McDonald’s showcased in their 1980s and 1990s ads, which is essentially how the company honed in on its nostalgic branding.

According to sources, the IL location should be opening soon, but as of yet, the company has been tight-lipped about the exact details.