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McDonald’s to Bring Back Beloved Dessert for a Limited Time

McDonald’s to Bring Back Beloved Dessert for a Limited Time

Fast food titan McDonald’s has whipped up a frenzy among fans by teasing the triumphant return of an adored dessert. After bidding farewell to its seasonal Holiday Pie following the conclusion of the holidays, McDonald’s is now delighting customers by reintroducing a beloved treat as its replacement.

The exquisite return of the Strawberry & Crème Pie is available for a limited time at select restaurants. “Start the year off sweet at McDonald’s with the return of the Strawberry & Crème Pie! This tasty treat is made with strawberries and vanilla flavored crème and baked side by side in a sugar-coated flaky crust,” a McDonald’s said in a statement. 

The Strawberry & Crème Pie is a regional menu offering currently available at participating locations for a limited time while supplies last in markets including, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and more,” the company detailed. 

McDonald’s iconic Apple Pie is beloved, but some fans miss the fried version. Now, there’s a delightful strawberry counterpart with a blend of strawberry and sweet crème. Patrons claim it offers a superior taste experience.

News Broke of the Dessert’s Return to McDonald’s Last Week

Instagram’s Snackolator broke the news of the return of the McDonald’s dessert last week.

“These are rolling out now to replace the Holiday Pies and have popped up in a bunch of markets already and are one of the limited time favorites,” the foodie account wrote alongside an image of the pies.

Of course, fast food fans on Instagram were delighted at the return of the McDonald’s dessert. “My absolute favorite,” one pie lover gushed. Another crème pie fan could barely contain their growing excitement.

McDonald’s initially introduced the Strawberry & Crème Pie in 2012, making it available nationwide until 2014. The fast food chain briefly reintroduced it in 2022, but exclusively during the spring or winter seasons and at select locations.”These smack so hard y’all can’t tell me NOTHING,” they wrote. Another dessert lover couldn’t just stop at one. “I need 4 of em,” the crème pie fanatic exclaimed.

However, one McDonald’s dessert fan was already thinking of a future beyond even Valentine’s Day. They’re already dreaming of frosty emerald beverages. “Waiting for shamrock shake season,” they opined.

Regrettably, the exclusive pie won’t be found in every McDonald’s branch. Customers can check the McDonald’s app to determine if the Strawberry & Crème Pie is available at a nearby restaurant.