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McDonald’s Reveals Plans to Rival Starbucks with Beverage-Based ‘CosMc’s’

McDonald’s Reveals Plans to Rival Starbucks with Beverage-Based ‘CosMc’s’

McDonald’s is preparing to launch CosMc’s, a new franchise concept that will directly compete with Starbucks, emphasizing beverages. The marketing is already attempting to cash in on the nostalgia of 90s kids.

Our universe is growing this week as McDonald’s starts testing CosMc’s. [It’s] a new small-format beverage-led concept from McDonald’s that’s truly out of this world,” the fast food behemoth announced Wednesday. “Inspired by nostalgia and powered by a menu of bold, refreshing beverages and tasty treats, CosMc’s is landing earthside for us humans to enjoy.” Food influencer Markie Devo shared images of CosMc’s menu offerings on Instagram.

McDonald’s CosMc’s Will Offer Several Familar Fast Food Staples

The menu features an impressive array of options. Savor a fiery delight: a spicy queso sandwich, paired with hash browns and pretzel bites served with tantalizing dipping sauces. Indulge in a delightful blueberry lemon cookie sundae or decadent caramel fudge brownies for dessert. In addition to these culinary delights, McDonald’s classics will be offered. Favorites such as McFlurry’s and the iconic Egg McMuffin will also be available on the menu.

“CosMc’s menu is rooted in beverage exploration, with bold and unexpected flavor combinations, vibrant colors, and functional boosts,” McDonald’s noted. “You’ll see a range of specialty lemonades and teas, indulgent blended beverages and cold coffee — think Sour Cherry Energy Slush, Tropical Spiceade, and S’mores Cold Brew.”

CosMc’s is emerging as a formidable contender in the realm of beverage-focused chains. They seem to be challenging the likes of Starbucks and summer soda hotspots such as Sonic. Starbucks thrives on the success of its cold beverages, offering a myriad of customizable options. Among these, cold foam emerges as the fastest-growing add-on. Meanwhile, modifiers contribute significantly to the coffee chain’s impressive $1 billion business.

Up until now, McDonald’s has maintained a veil of secrecy around a new concept. However, the name appears to be inspired by an obscure McDonaldland character from the late ’80s.

This character, a relatively unknown figure from the vintage McDonaldland era, was an extraterrestrial being that made its debut in a commercial titled “The Story of CosMc” in 1987. While the character had a consistent presence until 1992, it has largely remained hidden from public view in the decades that followed.

McDonald’s has enjoyed great success playing on the nostalgia of adult consumers in recent years. They recently relaunched their popular Halloween buckets and even offer an adult happy meal.