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McDonald’s New Chain CosMc’s Surprises With Twice the Business of Regular Restaurant

McDonald’s New Chain CosMc’s Surprises With Twice the Business of Regular Restaurant

McDonald’s hip and happening beverage-led spinoff, CosMc’s, is winning over Gen Z customers quicker than you can say “supersize me”! In December, McDonald’s introduced its CosMc’s specialty drinks cafe spinoff, debuting its first location in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This year, the company plans to open an additional nine locations, expanding the reach of this new concept.

According to a report by Placer.ai, the inaugural CosMc’s location experienced over twice the number of visits compared to the average McDonald’s across the entire chain during the same month. Remarkably, this impressive feat was achieved despite the fact that the restaurant had only been open since December 7th. Placer.ai utilizes mobile device location data to estimate foot traffic at specific establishments.

However, it’s not just about the quantity of people entering. It’s also about optimizing space utilization for the company. According to the firm, CosMc’s generated three times the number of visits per square foot compared to an average McDonald’s restaurant. This is impressive considering that CosMc’s has a footprint of approximately 2,500 square feet, while the average McDonald’s location ranges from 4,000 to 4,500 square feet. According to the report, CosMc’s customer base primarily consists of young adults aged 22 to 29 years old.

CosMc’s is McDonald’s Attempt to Break Into the Territory of Starbucks and Sonic

The entire purpose of CosMc’s appears to revolve around competing with Starbucks but with a more stylish approach aimed at showcasing trendy and Gen Z-approved beverage creations. Examples include the Churro Frappe, S’mores Cold Brew, Turmeric Spiced Latte, and Popping Pear Slush. These drinks are then conveniently delivered to Gen Zers through a quick and contactless drive-thru option, perfectly aligning with their preferences.

Many fast food lovers are still scratching their heads about the spin-off restaurant’s name. However, the name appears to be inspired by an obscure McDonaldland character from the late ’80s. The character is a relatively unknown figure from the vintage McDonaldland era. It was an extraterrestrial being that made its debut in a commercial titled “The Story of CosMc” in 1987. While the character had a consistent presence until 1992, it has largely remained hidden from public view in the decades that followed.

McDonald’s has enjoyed great success playing on the nostalgia of adult consumers in recent years. They recently relaunched their popular Halloween buckets and even offered an adult Happy Meal.