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McDonald’s Lover Suing Over Allergic Reaction to Big Mac Still Eats at Fast Food Chain

McDonald’s Lover Suing Over Allergic Reaction to Big Mac Still Eats at Fast Food Chain

A McDonald’s customer is suing the fast food chain, claiming a slice of cheese nearly caused his death in 2021, yet he can’t stop lovin’ it. New York resident Charles Olsen has a severe milk allergy and claims a Big Mac (which famously has cheese), nearly did him in.

Olsen experienced an anaphylactic reaction after consuming a popular burger, as detailed in a recent lawsuit. The incident led to his urgent hospitalization, where he expressed fears about his survival. The near-death experience wasn’t enough for Olsen to quit the burger behemoth.

Despite suing McDonalds, Olsen is still scarfing down burgers from the Golden Arches. “I have been back to McDonald’s,” Olsen recently admitted to The New York Post. “But I no longer trust McDonald’s to follow any order specifics such as not including cheese.”

“Now I just order their fries and a plain burger, with nothing on it. Just the patty and bun,” he reasoned. “I just can’t take the risk that it’ll happen again.”

Despite Suing McDonald’s, the Customer Can’t Stop Visiting His Beloved Golden Arches

Olsen still avoids eating out at most restaurants nearly three years after an unnerving incident. It started as a “normal night” with friends, ordering from one of his favorite places. He mentioned placing his usual “No Cheese” order through DoorDash, a routine he’s followed numerous times. Upon receiving the food and unwrapping his burger, there was no apparent error with the order.

Of course, the McDonald’s lover ate the burger. However, he soon suffered a Big Mac Attack of an altogether different nature.

“I was just frustrated that McDonalds got the order wrong,” he recalled. “But as my symptoms worsened, I started to worry, and realized how bad it was. When I felt my throat close up and it became difficult to breathe, I actually thought I might not make it.”

Olsen and his girlfriend hurried to the hospital in an Uber as they believed an ambulance would be too slow. Around a dozen medical staff surrounded him, administering a mix of epinephrine, Benadryl, and steroids. However, the medication took effect before intubation was necessary.

Olsen now prefers plain burgers from McDonald’s and Asian restaurants due to their lower cheese and dairy content. “I hope my story raises awareness about how serious food allergies are. Something needs to be done,” he explained.

“Something needs to be done to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Employees need to be better trained. Restaurants can do better. Restaurants owe it to their customers to do better.”