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McDonald’s ‘Holiday Pie’ Returns for the Season

McDonald’s ‘Holiday Pie’ Returns for the Season

This month, McDonald’s has brought back the beloved holiday pie to add an extra sprinkle of sweetness to your yuletide wonder. The beloved festive pastry made its grand entrance nearly 25 years ago, back in 1999. Since then, it has gained a dedicated following and become a cherished tradition among McDonald’s lovers.

Instagram influencer Markie_devo, shared the exciting news about the return of the holiday pie on his page. He urged his followers to make their way to McDonald’s, as this delicious treat is back for a limited time. You can find it at participating McDonald’s locations nationwide from November 15th to December 30th.

McDonald’s fans were quick to jump for joy in the comments over the holiday pie‘s triumphant return. “The only item I run to McDonald’s for!” one Instagrammer explained. Another replied, “Heck yeah, def the best of the year!”

McDonald’s Holiday Pie Return Follows Some Summer Dessert Additions

During summer, the fast food chain introduced a delightful new treat: the cookies and crème pie. This delicious dessert combines chocolate sandwich cookies, fluffy vanilla crème filling, and a chocolate cookie crumb crust.

The announcement came just days after McDonald’s revealed its plans to gradually discontinue the McCafé Bakery section. As a result, three beloved items, namely the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll, have been removed from the menu. However, the fast food behemoth retained chocolate chip cookies, baked apple pies, and frozen desserts on the menu.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s just announced the return of McNugget Buddies, the beloved Happy Meal collectibles, after a 25-year absence. Starting December 11th, McDonald’s will introduce six collectible McNugget Buddies at all locations. Each figurine has unique outfits and backstories, adding extra fun for fans. These beloved toys are back in collaboration with New York City artist Kerwin Frost, who not only revamped the mascots but also curated a special meal for enthusiasts to enjoy.

The new Buddies draw inspiration from Frost’s childhood in Harlem. Among the toys is a miniature version of the DJ himself, aptly named Kerwin Frost, complete with a matching face tattoo. The other McNugget Buddies include Don Bernice, Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRRRICK, and Darla. Each toy comes with a variety of interchangeable outfits, allowing for endless customization.

The Kerwin Frost Box features a McNugget Buddy, fries, a soft drink, and the choice of a 10-piece McNuggets or a Big Mac. Additionally, exclusive merchandise from the collaboration will be available online starting on December 11th, while supplies last.