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McDonald’s Dollar Menu Goes Viral as Internet Hungers for the 90s

McDonald’s Dollar Menu Goes Viral as Internet Hungers for the 90s

A throwback image of McDonald’s dollar menu from the 90s has burger fans pining for simpler times when a handful of coins equaled a feast. It started when a user on X (formerly Twitter), wasn’t lovin’ the current price of their McMeal. “A MC DOUBLE IS $3.40!?!?,” they exclaimed on X.

The post gained the attention of an X user with the handle “TJ”, who couldn’t help but point out that fast food prices ran much differently decades ago. “You just had to be there,” they responded, alongside a throwback image of McDonald’s dollar menu. The image, which appears to be from the 90s, features ten items (including a McDouble), all for a dollar.

The image went viral with nostalgic X users and has already been viewed over 5 million times. The post received a slew of responses from McDonald’s fans wishing the dollar menu still offered the same value.

“Used to get two double cheeseburgers and a sweet tea for $3.08,” one burger lover recalled. “Yup. Was way bigger then too,” another X user agreed. “Filet O Fish looks like a White Castle burger now.”

Other McDonald’s dreamers marveled at how pocket change could legit buy you supper in the 90s. “Eating dinner with change from the ashtray,” one user wrote. “You could buy a pack of smokes with the ashtray money and find enough change under your seat for dinner still lol,” another quipped.

McDonald’s Has Come Under Fire For Their Prices and Gutting Their Dollar Menu

A McDonald’s restaurant in Connecticut faced heavy criticism recently for its exorbitant prices. The customer’s eyebrows raised at the $7.29 Egg McMuffin and the $5.69 side of hash browns.

Last summer, a franchisee in the nearby town of Darien, Connecticut, came under scrutiny for setting the price of a Big Mac combo meal at $17.59. Social media posts went viral highlighting that they were selling a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon meal for $19.

However, the higher-ups at McDonald’s seem to be noticing consumers missing the dollar menu and balking at higher prices. The fast food giant’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, isn’t lovin’ the burger chain’s mixed Q4 results and shared strategies to win back frugal customers during a recent analyst briefing.

McDonald’s in the U.S. experienced growth in average check with strategic menu price increases. However, the CEO noted a sales decline, especially among individuals with lower incomes earning $45K or less per year. “Eating at home has become more affordable,” Kempczinski admitted. “The battleground is certainly with that low-income consumer.”

“What you’re going to see is more attention to affordability,” the CEO claimed. “Think about that as an absolute price point, which is more important for that consumer to get them into the restaurants than maybe value messaging. We are set up well to go after that.”