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McDonald’s Debuts Anime Inspired Dipping Sauce That Packs a Punch

McDonald’s Debuts Anime Inspired Dipping Sauce That Packs a Punch

McDonald’s is capturing the attention of anime fans with a new dipping sauce that adds an extra punch of flavor to their menu offerings. McDonald’s will soon unveil the Savory Chili “WcDonald’s” Sauce, a new flavorful dip that’s a nod to anime fans.

The new dipping sauce promises a “unique combination of ginger, garlic, and soy with a slight heat from chili flakes packs an energetic blast of flavor in every bite,” they said in a press release. They also claim the sauce will be infused with the “dynamic spirit of your favorite anime heroes.” 

The sauce is designed to accompany the 10-piece “WcNuggets” (McDonald’s beloved Chicken McNuggets) or as a side for fast food enthusiasts’ go-to menu items. It will be launched on February 26th in over 30 markets worldwide. McDonald’s also shared the news on X (formerly Twitter).

Of course, McDonald’s lovers flooded X with comments over the announcement. “That’s not One Piece, that’s Ten Piece,” a One Punch Man fan quipped. “This anime art style is so good,” another fan gushed. “Calendar marked,” one fan noted.

McDonalds New Dipping Sauce Isn’t the Only Treat for Anime Fans

However, the delectable new dipping sauce is just one element of McDonald’s latest anime-themed release. Fans can now immerse themselves in the world of WcDonald’s, the fictional counterpart of the chain restaurant, with each meal.

McDonald’s is transforming into an extraordinary, immersive adventure with a new sauce packaged in limited-edition manga-inspired art by renowned Japanese manga artist and illustrator, Acky Bright. Additionally, McDonald’s is teaming up with Studio Pierrot to create the inaugural WcDonald’s anime series. It will be comprised of four short episodes, to accompany the release.

Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s USA, weighed in on the Anime-inspired meal. “Anime is a huge part of today’s culture. We love that our fans have been inviting us into the conversation for years,” Hassan explained.

“The WcDonald’s universe is a reflection of what fans have created. It honors their vision and celebrates their creativity, while authentically bringing it to life in our restaurants for the first time ever.”

Every Monday, between Feb. 26 and March 18, a fresh short film will be released alongside new manga on WcDonalds.com or by scanning the code on the WcDonald’s bag. These shorts will pay tribute to four major subgenres in anime – Action, Romance, Mecha, and Fantasy.