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McDonald’s Customer Enraged Over Franchise’s ‘Outrageous’ 400% Price Hike

McDonald’s Customer Enraged Over Franchise’s ‘Outrageous’ 400% Price Hike

Customers love their fast food but a recent Egg McMuffin price at McDonald’s in Fairfield, Conn., is leaving them speechless. Bespoke, which is an investment firm, posted the receipt someone gave their social media account on January 27.

In it, you can see how much it costs to get two Egg McMuffins. The receipt says that the customer was charged $14.58 for two Egg McMuffins. Also, there is a $7.19 price for a Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle without two half-strips of bacon. All of that, plus a $1.60 tax, comes to $23.27.

It was enough to make Bespoke simply call the cost of it all “outrageous.”

This receipt, according to Newsweek, comes from a McDonald’s at the North Service Plaza along Interstate 95 in Fairfield. Now, this franchise location happens to be connected to a travel plaza area.

A McDonald’s Price Can Change Per Location

Prices can change from different states. Also, it appears that McDonald’s locations in rest stops will have higher prices in them. According to the Mc-Menu website, the average cost of an Egg McMuffin in America is $4.12. For Connecticut residents, the average price is $4.29.

While Bespoke was complaining, some commenters on X, formerly Twitter, added their thoughts. One wrote, “That McDonald’s is at a Service Rest Area on I-95, so it should be higher, but that’s way too high.” Another person said Bespoke made “several rookie mistakes.”

Then, this Bespoke account follower said, “Travel plaza pricing is always high.” The individual is trying to tell Bespoke to watch where they go and get their Egg McMuffins. Plenty of people pitched in to share in Bespoke’s woes, saying prices at that Fairfield location “are indeed outrageous.”

Yet here’s a point to consider, too. These are individual franchises owned under the McDonald’s banner. Because this is so, they can set their prices. Different states may put different taxes down for food, which would affect the final price. Toss in costs around car prices, gas prices, transportation costs, etc., and they also can affect a restaurant’s prices, too.

Customers, Beware of Price Changes

Another McDonald’s customer pointed out on Monday that they had paid “$19.00 for a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke.” This, too, was at a Connecticut rest stop location. Since the post has been up on X, it has received nearly 2 million views.

Customers will have to get used to different prices at McDonald’s. Also, they probably need to watch out for the location of a store. It’s going to affect food prices. So, it’s better to know where you are going ahead of time.

Also, now that you’ve been made aware of McDonald’s prices at rest stops, choose at your own risk. Connecticut is one of the priciest states to live in at this time. Take that into account and be aware of getting food at rest-stop locations.