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McDonald’s Customer Goes Viral After Ordering Single Salt Packet on DoorDash

McDonald’s Customer Goes Viral After Ordering Single Salt Packet on DoorDash

A McDonald’s worker had to fulfill a DoorDash order that was simply a single packet of salt—talk about adding some spice to life!

Paige, a TikTok user (@bentenproductions), usually shares content related to her job at McDonald’s. In a recent video, she showcased a peculiar DoorDash order. The delivery pickup screen displayed only one item: a solitary salt packet. Undeterred, she proceeded to prepare the order with meticulous care.

The TikTok user began by opening a spacious McDonald’s DoorDash bag. With precision, she delicately added a single packet of salt. Gracefully, Paige folded the bag and securely sealed it with two McDonald’s stickers on each side. Finally, she unveiled the fully prepared order, placing it on the counter, eagerly awaiting its pickup.

The Viral Video Starring the Solo Salt Packet Has McDonald’s Employees Chiming In

The video dropped on February 2 and has skyrocketed to over 600,000 views on TikTok. However, oddball McDonald’s orders like this salt packet aren’t as rare as you might imagine. Many TikTok users claiming to be employees of the burger behemoth chimed in with similar experiences inthe comments.

“someone ordered just a syrup packet once n I filled the bag with a hand full of it,” one McDonald’s employee commented.  “this happened at our mcdonalds, they ordered a syrup cup and we gave them everything but syrup like m&ms and mini fry cz they kept reordering,” another viewer wrote.

DoorDash Customers Admit to Order Similar to the McDonald’s Salt Packet Gaffe

Other customers also chimed in, sharing similar experiences with DoorDash. “I legit accidentally ordered 10 hot sauce packets from Taco Bell last week it was $6,” one viewer claimed. “I’ve ordered just a cone before,” another wrote.

Other TikTok users joked about how much the salt packet from McDonald’s must have cost nowadays. “THAT WAS PROBABLY EXPENSIVE TOO,” one TikTok user proclaimed. “‘And that will be $15.63,” another joked. “I’m cryingggg who needed salt that bad,” another user quipped.

The amount paid by the customer for the packet of salt remains unclear. However, as per the restaurant’s page on DoorDash, there is no charge for the salt packets. The McDonald’s page on DoorDash specifies a limit of three seasoning packets per order and a limit of two on sauces and utensils.

Paige, the mastermind behind the viral video of the lone salt packet, has cooked up a storm with her other tantalizing tales from the fast food frontline. In one video, she mentioned that her job involves making French fries for 9 hours a day. She captioned the video with “Live love McDonald’s.”