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McDonald’s Big Mac Lovers Left Crying Over How Onions Are Prepared

McDonald’s Big Mac Lovers Left Crying Over How Onions Are Prepared

Big Mac enthusiasts are turning up their noses and crying foul at McDonald’s after peeling back the onion curtain. A McDonald’s employee is revealing the disturbing reality of how the burger giant supposedly makes its essential Big Mac topping.

A TikTok video posted by an alleged employee of the burger behemoth has gone viral. “This is how we make our onions,” the McDonald’s employee named Huseyin begins in the video. “First get two packs of dehydrated onions and put them in a container,” he continued.

The viral video showcased a restaurant colleague revitalizing dried-up diced ingredients using water and large ice cubes. “I don’t actually use ice, just water,” Huseyin noted. He explained his preferred method for bringing the onions back from the dead. ” [I] Chuck it into the fridge, let it cool down, let the dehydrated onions rehydrate [in the] water.”

After witnessing the rather unappetizing process, some fast-food enthusiasts pledged to steer clear of the restaurant altogether. “I’m never having McDonalds again,” one TikTok user commented. “So shipping costs and shelf life are more important than taste and texture?”, another opined. “Even the onions aren’t fresh,” one McDonald’s lover bemoaned.

Many McDonald’s Lovers Unfazed by the Unappealing Onion Preparation Demonstration

However, other TikTok users were unbothered by the video, stating that it won’t stop them from suffering Big Mac attacks any time soon. They won’t even ask the fast food chain to hold the onions. “This does not change anything, I’m going to get my cheeseburger,” one user declared. “I would still eat it, what does that say about me,’ another wondered.

Yet another McDonald’s lover perhaps summed up the situation quite nicely. “Why did I really think there was someone there cutting onions all day,” they pondered aloud.

Indeed, one Big Mac lover simply can’t quit McDonald’s after alleging a rogue slice of cheese landed him in the hospital. New York resident Charles Olsen, severely allergic to milk, claims he ordered a Big Mac sans cheese. However, he says the burger he consumed was layered with a cheese slice.

Olsen says he experienced an anaphylactic reaction after consuming the popular burger, as detailed in a recent lawsuit. The incident prompted his urgent hospitalization. Yet, the near-death encounter didn’t deter Olsen from the burger behemoth.

Despite suing McDonalds, Olsen is still scarfing down burgers from the Golden Arches. “I have been back to McDonald’s,” Olsen recently admitted to The New York Post. “But I no longer trust McDonald’s to follow any order specifics such as not including cheese.”