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McDonald’s Abandoned in 1994 Reveals Heartbreaking Throwback Prices

McDonald’s Abandoned in 1994 Reveals Heartbreaking Throwback Prices

Footage of a McDonald’s preserved in amber since 1994 has surfaced, leading burger fans to pine for past prices.

Photographer Chris Luckhardt explored Adak Island, Alaska, finding an abandoned McDonald’s with an untouched menu from 1994. The establishment seems frozen in time, echoing the 90s, but it’s the menu that reveals the most surprising find: affordable prices.

“Adak Island is a remote Alaskan island in the north Pacific Ocean,” Luckhardt wrote alongside footage of the McDonald’s price relic. “I took several long flights to explore its abandoned US military base. Surprisingly, the base included a McDonald’s that opened in July 1986. But the restaurant closed in 1994 as the Navy began decommissioning the base. Its original menu sign and other aspects of the building remain frozen in time. “

Indeed, the menu featured “dino-size fries” for purchase, possibly a nod to the 1990s Flintstones movie. Additionally, the Happy Meals included a Bobby’s World toy, referencing an animated series that aired from 1990 to 1998.

Breaking Down the Prices on the 90s Throwback McDonald’s Menu

Based on the prices shown on the throwback McDonald’s menu, a Big Mac was priced at $2.45, a Big Mac meal at $4.59, a six-piece McNuggets at $2.35, a Happy Meal at $3.36, and an Egg McMuffin at $1.95. Of course, a Big Mac meal – consisting of a burger, fries, and a drink – has risen to $18 at certain locations.

Meanwhile, comments to the Instagram post marveled at the McDonald’s prices of a bygone era. “Finally a McDonald’s with reasonable prices!”, read one comment. “They charge as much for their meals now as a place like the Outback. McDonalds used to be a place where if you wanted a burger and had a dollar you could get one. There is no dollar menu anymore,” another fast food fan bemoaned.

However, another fast food historian pointed out that these McDonald’s prices weren’t even that low in 1994. “Folks look at the food prices and think “hey that’s pretty cheap!” This was likely one of the most expensive McDonald’s in the world due to being in remote Alaska. Prices were even cheaper in the lower 48,” they noted.

Finally, one user pointed out the creepy nature of the fast food joint being abandoned for three decades. “It would be crazy if some old creepy voice came through the intercom asking for your order,” they quipped.