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Man Arrested For Teaching His Dog How To Drive Buick 100 MPH

Man Arrested For Teaching His Dog How To Drive Buick 100 MPH

A man in Washington was arrested following a high-speed chase on Interstate 5 near Seattle. The pursuit started after the man struck two vehicles then fled the scene speeding up to 100 mph in his 1996 Buick. Officers were certainly surprised when they found who was in the driver’s seat; the suspect’s pitbull!

According to the suspect, he was teaching his dog to drive from the backseat of the car when they struck the two vehicles. Troopers said the man explained he was letting the dog handle the gas while he controlled the steering wheel from behind.

If the suspect told the truth then we have to give some credit to the dog– the duo managed to drive 57 miles until they were apprehended. The already bizarre pursuit ended abruptly when police deployed spike strips that stopped the vehicle for good.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, and for the two hit-and-run instances.

Though it is unclear where the suspect is being held or if he has been released on bond, there have been no charges pressed on the joy-riding pitbull.

Check out the full coverage and video from KOMO-TV.