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Last Blockbuster Standing Proudly Outlasts Netflix DVD Service

Last Blockbuster Standing Proudly Outlasts Netflix DVD Service

The last Blockbuster standing is still holding on to its roots after Netflix finally bailed on its DVD shipping service.
On September 29, the streaming giant announced that it was officially shutting down DVD mailings. As many know, the company launched the red envelope service in 1998. Subscribers could select titles from the Netflix website, and the discs would show up in the mail a few days later. At the time, the experience felt like the ultimate convenience.
Of course, enjoying television series and movies from home kept getting easier as online streaming took hold. More companies like Hulu and Amazon Prime popped up and ran brick-and-mortar rental stores—like Blockbuster—out of business. But one Blockbuster location in Bend, Oregon has managed to hold on, and today, it’s getting its last laugh.

Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon Still Has DVDs

The day Netflix announced the end or an era, the Blockbuster storefront immediately took to social media to brag.

In an Instagram post, the company shared that Netflix “used to mail DVDs. Until today. Luckily, you’ll still be able to find your favorite movies & shows on DVD at Blockbuster. ‘Til the bitter end.”

The bragging didn’t stop there, either. Shortly after, another post dropped that said “screensaver & chill” is “not only at Blockbuster.”

Then, the store proudly proclaimed that is still has “DVDs and humans.”

Netflix Helped Push DVD and VHS Rental Stores to Bankruptcy

Blockbuster was one of the biggest, most successful franchises around in the ’80s and ’90s. Families from decades past spent many weekend evenings searching through DVDs or VHSs to enjoy, and most renters always made sure to be kind and rewind.

At its prime, the company had 9,000 storefronts, according to Daily Mail. But people slowly opted out of driving to those stores when Netflix gave them the option to choose titles online. It was a slow decline, but in 2010, Blockbuster filed bankruptcy and started downsizing. Dish Network bought the company from founder David Cook the following year, the following year but failed to save it. By 2014, all but the Oregon store had closed.

Luckily, the remaining store is doing well for itself, thanks to nostalgic fans. And those fans proved their dedication with one of the above posts, which became the stores most liked ever.