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This Kid’s ‘Tommy Boy’ Costume Wins Halloween

This Kid’s ‘Tommy Boy’ Costume Wins Halloween

Halloween finds both adults and kids all dressed up and ready to go, like this kid dressed up as Chris Farley from Tommy Boy. For some, they will find a costume of Superman or another superhero. Others will dress up like their favorite TV or movie star.

In this young man’s case, he’s decided to put on his best Tommy Boy look. The late Chris Farley starred in the movie along with David Spade. Take a look at him in action in this clip from Instagram.

Look at how the kid is dressed. It’s pretty dang perfect, all the way down to having his shirt tail fly out. We don’t know exactly where this boy lives, but his parents probably are smiling right now.

In the comments section, a number of fans posted GIFs of Farley in action. There were a couple of people who said this kid reminded them of Matt Foley, Farley’s motivational speaker character.

Chris Farley Burst Onto SNL Scene

While there are people who remember Chris Farley, some of you just might not know a lot about him. Farley burst onto the Saturday Night Live scene and had a major impact. His characters were sometimes over the top and even loud. Yet he could also tone it back a little bit when needed.

Farley actually started out as a player in Chicago’s famed Second City Theatre. It’s from there that he headed off to New York City and larger stardom. Farley was on SNL from 1990-95. The actor-comedian also made movies, like Tommy Boy, but sometimes found himself playing the same character again and again.

Other movies in the Farley collection include Beverly Hills Ninja, Black Sheep, and Almost Heroes. Farley had a number of good friends who worked with him. But none other might have gotten as close to him as did Spade.

Sadly, Farley found himself dealing with drug and alcohol issues. They would lead him into rehab, hoping that he could stay clean and sober. He was found dead by his brother John on December 18, 1997. Farley was just 33 years old when he died.

Tommy Boy was considered a breakthrough movie for Farley and Spade. Its success proved to movie studios that they were a bankable team together. In the movie, Farley plays a rather immature man who learns valuable life lessons after his father dies. Spade plays Richard Hayden, who was the assistant to Tommy’s father, Big Tom.

Farley’s movies are still shown on television to this day. His image can be seen on Twitter sometimes when someone posts a photo or GIF of him as Matt Foley. It’s hard to believe that Farley has been dead this long. But his work and contribution to the world of comedy is still remembered.