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KIA Recalls 380K Vehicles For Fire Risk, Urges Owners To Park Outside

KIA Recalls 380K Vehicles For Fire Risk, Urges Owners To Park Outside

KIA is asking owners to park their vehicles outside due to the risk of engine combustion and fires.

The sudden recall affects over 380,000 vehicles in the U.S., specifically certain 2017-2019 Sportage SUVs and 2017-2019 Cadenza sedans. The Korean auto manufacturer explained that the hazard is caused by a short circuit in the hydraulic electronic brake control unit. The short can cause an excessive current increasing the likelihood of a fire. KIA recommends that owners park their vehicles away from their homes for their safety.

If you are a KIA owner be on the lookout for telltale signs of the short circuit. Owners will see flashing dash lights and may smell burning or melting plastic odor before the control unit fails.

Flickr / RL GNZLZ

2018 KIA Cadenza

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there have been no fatalities or injuries reported from the mechanical problem.

The sudden recall is not a good look for KIA since a 2019 investigation revealed engine fires in some vehicles that caused 3,100 fires and one death. Here’s hoping that the company has caught the mistake early before any major injuries or damages can occur.

Some good news for KIA owners is that the company will replace fuses in affected KIA models starting April 30.

Flickr / RL GNZLZ

2018 KIA Sportage