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KFC Unveils ‘Chizza’, a Frankenstein’s Monster of Fried Chicken and Pizza

KFC Unveils ‘Chizza’, a Frankenstein’s Monster of Fried Chicken and Pizza

Fast food fans yearning for their pizza’s crust to be made of fried chicken have had their culinary lusts fulfilled as KFC debuted “Chizza”. On Wednesday, the company unveiled that the Chizza, pronounced “cheet-za”, will be added to KFC menus in the United States. The cheesy delight will roll out for a limited time starting Monday, Feb. 26.

KFC introduced the Chizza on its menus in the Philippines back in 2015. Since then, this unique item has found its place in KFC outlets across Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and various other countries. This marks the debut of the Chizza in the United States, KFC said.

KFC also recently dropped a short video tease giving a closer look at the marriage of fried chicken and pizza. The dish consists of two fried chicken filets with white meat, covered in marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and crispy pepperoni.

Customers have the option to order the Chizza individually or as part of a combo meal, complete with KFC’s Secret Recipe fries and a medium drink. Additionally, they can opt for a half-chizza, featuring one fried chicken filet with the same toppings instead of two.

KFC also revealed that its Blackberry Lemonade will be making a nationwide comeback on menus, following its debut last summer. KFC claims that the drink is “perfect to refresh the taste buds while enjoying the Chizza combo meal.”

KFC Fans Flocked to Social Media, Overjoyed at the Thought of Chizza on Their Plate

On X (formerly Twitter) fast food aficionados found their mouths watering over KFC’s announcement. One fan was so excited, he couldn’t help but state the obvious. “Yay! It’s a CHIZZA! It’s like, a chicken with cheese and pepperoni on top. LOL!,” they exclaimed. “OMG !! The Chizza !! I had it in Spain and now I can eat it in Cali,” another KFC stan wrote.

One fan couldn’t believe KFC might have finally topped the infamous Double Down, a chicken sandwich in which the buns were also slabs of fried chicken. “It’s hard to imagine anything more innovative than the doubledown but . . . the chizza calls to me,” one KFC connoisseur gushed.

Meanwhile, one KFC fan deadpanned, “That looks disgusting. Can’t wait to try it.”

Last month, the fried chicken chain announced the nationwide launch of the $20 Taste of KFC meal. This combo includes six pieces of Original Recipe chicken, four sides – mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, corn, mac & cheese, and four biscuits – all for just $20.