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John Oates Speaks Out on Daryl Hall Lawsuit

John Oates Speaks Out on Daryl Hall Lawsuit

After a lawsuit was filed against him by his longtime collaborator, Daryl Hall, John Oates has broken his silence. On Thanksgiving, the 75-year-old shared a self-portrait snapshot along with a heartfelt message advocating for global understanding.

“During this time of communal reflection and connection with loved ones, let’s not forget those experiencing challenges globally,” Oates wrote alongside the image. Oates continued, adding he hoped for a “more compassionate and supportive world.”

The Reasons Behind Daryl Hall’s Lawsuit Against John Oates

Reportedly, Hall is trying to prevent his musical partner from selling their shared stake in their joint venture to Primary Wave Music. On Friday, the Associated Press revealed the true reason for the restraining order. The judge discreetly unsealed specific parts of the case just two days before Thanksgiving.

Hall disagrees with Oates’ plan to sell his share of Whole Oats Enterprises to an investment firm. This firm acquired a “significant” stake in their catalog rights 16 years ago. Hall regrets not having full ownership of his publishing rights. In response to Hall’s lawyers’ argument that the sale seemed imminent due to Oates’ team signing a letter of intent with Primary Wave, Chancellor Russell Perkins temporarily blocked Oates. This decision aims to address concerns and maintain the status quo.

The court hearing is scheduled for November 30, well ahead of the current restraining order’s expiration. This proceeding aims to promptly resolve the matter while maintaining the essence of the original order.

Hall and Oates Have Collaborated For Over 50 Years

Hall and Oates joined forces in 1970 to form the duo Philadelphia. From 1974 to 1991, known as Hall & Oates, they achieved remarkable success, with 29 out of their 33 singles charting on Billboard’s Hot 100. Impressively, six of these singles reached the top spot: “Rich Girl” in 1977, “Kiss on My List” in 1980, “Private Eyes” and “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” in 1981, “Maneater” in 1982, and “Out of Touch” in 1984. Their musical prowess extended to their albums, with seven being certified platinum by RIAA and six receiving gold certification.

Hall and Oates have embarked on separate solo tours in the past year, highlighting their individual talents alongside their iconic duo hits. Hall has been joined by Todd Rundgren for duets during his performances. However, Hall and Oates also shared the stage for a two-month tour in fall 2022. Their last joint album was Home for Christmas in 2006, following their previous shared collection of non-seasonal songs in 2004.