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Jack Harlow’s Halftime Performance Left the Internet Confused

Jack Harlow’s Halftime Performance Left the Internet Confused

Jack Harlow faced relentless ridicule for his lackluster halftime performance during the Lions-Packers NFL game in Detroit on Thursday night. The 25-year-old musician graced the field to passionately perform a medley of his chart-topping songs during the highly-anticipated halftime show. However, the audience’s response was overwhelmingly… underwhelming. Outlet Barstool Sports declared it “one of the worst halftime performances your eyes will ever see.”

The singer’s off-pitch performance, along with his peculiar backup dancer and low-budget set, faced severe criticism from social media pundits. “Who was this man and why did he just lip synch behind Jack Harlow then dip?” one Twitter user quipped.

The fan has a point. It’s unclear just what Harlow’s mysterious backup performer was doing. Clad in a blue letterman jacket and coon skin hat, he shifts from interpretive signing, to lip sinking, to awkwardly loitering. “I legitimately thought the dude in the blue fur hat was the worst ASL translator ever for the first minute of the Jack Harlow halftime performance,” another fan wrote.

Jack Harlow’s Set For His Halftime Performance Also Raised Eyebrows

Meanwhile, other viewers couldn’t help but tear into the cheap set the singer trotted around on during his halftime performance. “This Jack Harlow set budget was like 36 dollars,” a fan pointed out on Twitter. Another viewer argued that the inexpensive-looking prop bore a resemblance to something one might find on the stage of a “middle school play.” One NFL fan’s post cut straight to the bone about the Dollar Store set. “The Jack Harlow halftime set,” they wrote alongside a toddler’s Frozen playset.

One particularly scathing post showcased a GIF from the iconic movie Jurassic Park, depicting Jeff Goldblum standing beside an enormous mound of excrement. “Watching the Jack Harlow halftime show,” the Twitter user wrote alongside the iconic GIF.

Country Music’s Queen Did Not Disappoint in Her Halftime Performance

Although Harlow’s halftime show received negative reviews, Dolly Parton’s performance at another NFL game on Thanksgiving Day was widely applauded. NFL fans couldn’t help but point out that Dolly Parton’s halftime performance dominated the much younger Jack Harlow’s limp attempt. “Dolly Parton is a million times better than Jack Harlow, and she’s 77 years old,” the fan wrote.

The country singer captivated the audience in Texas when she performed in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume during their game against the Washington Commanders. Parton performed some of her classics like ‘Jolene’ and ‘9 to 5.’ However, she brought down the house a stunning performance of ‘We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You”.