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How To Get Amazing Revenge On A Guy That Steals Your Parking Spot

How To Get Amazing Revenge On A Guy That Steals Your Parking Spot

Tis the season for crowded parking lots and short tempers. The holidays are upon us and the stores are filled with shoppers looking to get the hottest presents of the season. Of course, most people have to fight through parking lots teeming with cars circling the spots like sharks going in for the kill. Tempers flare as impatient people prey on those that don’t move fast enough and it’s a dog eat dog world in the parking lots of America’s malls and big box stores. See a spot, take a spot, no time for holiday cheer, this is serious business.

This reminded us of a similar situation early this year when a man, who appears to be from Toronto, stole a spot of another man, who had been patiently waiting for the car in the spot to pull out. As the car pulled out, Toronto Man took advantage of the situation and stole the spot from him. All’s fair in love and shopping, right?

Well, the man, known as “therealskitzzv2” on social media, from whom the spot was stolen in the Walmart parking lot, wasn’t going to let the transgression go. He would get his revenge.

therealskitzzv2 reacting to his spot being stolen. Via YouTube

What’s most astounding is that AFTER Toronto Man steals the spot, he gets into the face of therealskitzzv2 and calls him a nasty name! Like it’s not enough that he ganked therealskitzzv2’s spot, Toronto Man had to insult him on top of it?

It’s easy to see why revenge was called for.

The spot stealer getting aggressive and calling people names. Via YouTube

therealskitzzv2 is stunned at this point and he immediately starts working out his revenge plot. He heads into the Walmart to tool up.

The tools have been blurred to protect the innocent. Via YouTube

Once armed with many roles of toilet paper, therealskitzzv2 heads back to the parking and gets to decorating.

Wrapping skills are on point. Via YouTube

With the car covered in toilet paper, there is nothing left to do but wait for the spot stealer to return from his shopping.

Waiting for a reaction. Via YouTube

When the Toronto Man does return, his reaction is priceless! He drops his groceries, stunned at the mess therealskitzzv2 has made.

He makes a phone call and angerly begins ripping the bathroom tissue from his ride, all while therealskitzzv2 laughs from behind another car.

When therealskitzzv2 drives by on his way out, he makes sure to tell the Toronto Man who is responsible for the TPing. Predictably, Toronto Man yells and runs at the car, but by then therealskitzzv2 and his accomplice are moving too fast to catch up with.

Check out the hilarious video of the whole prank below, it should have you laughing in satisfaction. WARNING: Strong Language.