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Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault of Former Model

Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault of Former Model

Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose is facing some serious allegations as former Penthouse model Sheila Kennedy sues him. Kennedy is alleging that Rose sexually assaulted her back in 1989 in a New York hotel room, Rolling Stone indicates. The publication also states that it obtained a copy of the lawsuit. It was filed on Wednesday, November 22, in New York Supreme Court. The document contains specific and disturbing details about the incident.

In her lawsuit, Kennedy, the 1983 Penthouse Pet of the Year, claims that she met Rose at a New York City nightclub. He invited her back to his hotel room for a party. She said she and another model went to the hotel with Rose and future MTV VJ Riki Rachtman. While in the singer’s room, they had cocaine and alcohol offered to them.

Model Claims Axl Rose Yelled At Her

Kennedy initially was receptive to Rose’s advances. “He pushed [her] against the wall and kissed her” while in the room, American Songwriter reports. Later in the evening, Axl Rose started having sex with the other model in front of Kennedy and Rachtman in an aggressive way “that appeared painful for the model.”

Rose then allegedly tried to encourage the attendees to have group sex. Kennedy became uncomfortable, deciding to leave and go with Rachtman back to his room.

In the suit, Kennedy claims as she was leaving that room, she heard glass shatter. Rose began shouting and cursing at the other model. Rose told her to leave as well.

The lawsuit claims that Axl Rose then came into Rachtman’s room. He became enraged when he saw Kennedy there, proceeding to push her to the floor. He reportedly dragged her by the hair back to his room. The suit alleges that Rose then threw her on his bed. He tied her hands behind her back with her pantyhose and assaulted her.

“She felt she had no escape or exit and was compelled to acquiesce,” the lawsuit claims. “She believed Rose would physically attack her, or worse, if she said no or attempted to push him away. (And) that the safest thing to do was to lie in bed and wait for Rose to finish assaulting her.”

Kennedy Claims That She Suffers From PTSD

The lawsuit alleges that Kennedy was traumatized by the incident, experiencing PTSD-like symptoms when she hears Guns N’ Roses songs or Rose’s name mentioned. The suit also claims that the anxiety and depression Kennedy has dealt with since the alleged assault hurt her career. Kennedy is seeking unspecified monetary damages, and the suit charges that Rose is guilty of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and gender-motivated violence.

According to Rolling Stone, Kennedy previously discussed the alleged assault in her 2016 memoir, No One’s Pet, and in the 2021 documentary Look Away, which examines sexual misconduct in the music industry.

Rose, who didn’t respond from Rolling Stone to comment on Kennedy’s lawsuit, has previously faced allegations of physical and emotional abuse a number of times, including by his ex-wife Erin Everly and his former girlfriend Stephanie Seymour.

Rolling Stone also explained that Kennedy’s lawsuit was initiated via the Adult Survivors Act, a New York law that for a limited amount of time waived the statute of limitations on civil suits involving sexual misconduct. The statue will close at midnight tonight, November 22.