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‘Friends’ Scripts Found in Garbage Sells at Auction for $28K

‘Friends’ Scripts Found in Garbage Sells at Auction for $28K

Friends fans were granted a chance to own a memento of the show, as original scripts that were discovered in a trash can were auctioned off. According to a BBC News report, scripts for the two-part finale of season four were discovered in 1998 by a staff member at Fountain Studios in London. This revelation occurred at the same location where the episode “The One with Ross’s Wedding” was filmed.

The London-based storyline focuses on Ross’s (David Schwimmer) wedding shenanigans with Emily (Helen Baxendale). Of course, Friends fans recall the most classic moment from the script, when Ross says “I take thee, Rachel” during the ceremony.

On January 12, Hanson Ross auctioneers in Hertfordshire, England, put up for auction the scripts alongside a standby ticket to filming, a Friends DVD box set, a sticker, a keyring, and a production crew sweater. The two Friends scripts that were discarded in the trash at the time have fetched a whopping $28,000 at auction.

The Iconic ‘Friends’ Scripts Were Nearly Throw Out During a Cleaning

According to the BBC, the scripts were kept by the anonymous seller in a bedside drawer for years. They were recently rediscovered during a clearout. “They ended up in a bedside drawer and they’ve been there ever since,” the seller explained. “I could have quite easily have thrown them out.” The seller then added that the scripts “deserve to be owned by a big Friends fan.”

According to Amanda Butler, the director of operations at Hanson Ross, the original ownership of the scripts is uncertain. It is plausible that they were owned by a cast member. However, Butler also suggested that they might have belonged to a crew member. “It’s just surreal to read it and see in writing what you’ve seen on the screen,” Butler said.

The buyer’s identity remains undisclosed, although they were described as an “international” bidder. For Butler, the bidding process proved to be an unprecedented experience. It was unlike anything she had encountered before. “I just can’t believe the result and the impact this find has had,” she said. “Bidders went crazy for these scripts.”

The love story between Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing and Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller in Friends began during the London episodes. The script sale news coincides with the ongoing struggle of the Friends stars to cope with Perry’s untimely passing last fall at the age of 54.