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Frank Sinatra’s Awesomely Average Chrysler Station Wagon Is Going Up For Auction

Frank Sinatra’s Awesomely Average Chrysler Station Wagon Is Going Up For Auction

Frank Sintra defined cool. He had the coolest friends, the nicest suits, and dated the most beautiful women. He just oozed class. His voice was the sound of a generation. So why in the world did he drive a wood-paneled, 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Estate – called a “Town and Country,” at the end of his life? And how much would you value such a ride?

The answer to that second question will soon be answered when the car goes to auction in early 2019.

And as you might expect, there is more than meets the eye with this simple grocery getter.

Frank Sinatra’s 1985 Town & Country courtesy of H and H Auctions

Under the hood, it’s a little more than the regular soccer mom model. It was a Turbo with a 2.2-liter inline-four engine, the same engine used for some of Chrysler’s more famous muscle cars at the time, like the Dodge Charger Shelby.

Frank seemed to be quite fond of Chryslers, owning quite a few over the years, but this must be the most unlikely. Why would a man of such huge international fame buy such a humdrum car? Well, it’s been said that Frank loved the car because of the anonymity it brought him. Sure, he owned fancier and more exotic cars, but when he just wanted to get around town without getting hassled or stared at, the Town and Country was perfect. No one ever looks twice at a wood-paneled station wagon!

So how much would you pay for the most boring car Frank Sinatra ever owned? There is no reserve price listed on the auction’s website, but other sites have valued it at almost $300K!

So while we still don’t understand why he loved the car so much, one thing it proves again is that Frank did it his way.