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End Of A Tradition: Could 2022 Ford Raptor Be Ford’s Last V8?

End Of A Tradition: Could 2022 Ford Raptor Be Ford’s Last V8?

When Ford announced their new Raptor off-road pickup for 2021, fans all over the Internet rejoiced at the news. To make the deal even sweeter, Ford also confirmed that a souped-up, higher-performance version would also be available in 2022. This new powerhouse, the Raptor-R will feature a roaring V8 engine with an impressive 700 horsepower. The secret sauce? Ford seems to be putting their super-charged Mustang Shelby GT500 V8 under the hood for good measure. 

Complete with its 37-inch wheels and incredible horsepower, the Raptor-R is sharpening its claws and setting its sights on the competition; the 702 horsepower Ram 1500 TRX.

Though we are all happy to hear the familiar growl of a V8 Raptor, some are worried that it may be Ford’s last hurrah for its popular line of V8 pickups. With environmental consciousness on the rise, the demand for electric vehicles is higher than ever.

If you thought gas-guzzling America was safe from the EV trend think again. So far, Massachusetts and California have announced the banning of gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035. France, Norway, and the UK have also made similar promises, with Norway setting its sights to be completely gas-free by 2025.

Will EVs kill the internal combustion engine? Well, not quite yet, but there will certainly be less on the road as time goes on. With more incentives for EVs on the rise, it only makes more sense for the always innovating auto industry to follow the next big thing. Though we can probably count on not kissing our V8s goodbye just yet, consumers do stand at a new crossroads. Experts think that EVs will overtake gas-powered car sales in the next 10 to 15 years, so be sure to enjoy your big-block engines while you still can.

With the release of the Raptor-R in 2022, Ford is slated to announce a new electric Ford F-150. Though we have the exciting Ford Raptor-R to look forward to, it is certainly the last of a dying breed.