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Elon Musk Hints That The Next Teslas May Have Fart And Goat Noises For Horns

Elon Musk Hints That The Next Teslas May Have Fart And Goat Noises For Horns

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Most people these days would love to get their hands on a new Tesla 3 with its impressive 0 to 60 mph giddy up in three seconds and full range of customizability. Elon Musk, eccentric billionaire, offers a gamut of exotic features on his renown electric cars but this next option may cramp his autos’ luxury style. Instead of a boring old horn, the next generation of Teslas may have the sound of a bleating goat or a whoopee cushion. That’s right. Fart noises. The free market provides.

Announced unofficially via a tweet in early October, Musk simply posted “Customized horn & movement sounds (coconuts being one, of course) coming to Teslas soon.” Musk clarified that the coconut sound effect was a Monty Python reference and then confirmed another fan’s question about the fart sound affect. Musk also confirmed the ability for Tesla drivers to customize their horn with uploaded audio as well. How serious these tweets are is anybody’s guess though. Like another eccentric billionaire on Twitter, Musk is known to announce things off the cuff from his account often; a practice that has since landed him in hot water with the SEC and cost him a $20 million fine.

The flatulent audio is not a total surprise though since Tesla turn signal sounds can be replaced with a selection of six other fart noises starting last year. Musk’s emission free cars don’t emit gaseous fumes so the might as well sound like it. Farting cars. Coming to a hilarious traffic jam near you.