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‘Elf’ Inspired Meal Kit Lets You Make Spaghetti the North Pole Way

‘Elf’ Inspired Meal Kit Lets You Make Spaghetti the North Pole Way

Elf is a bonafide 21st-century Christmas classic. One of the most memorable scenes is when Buddy presents his take on spaghetti. In the scene, Will Ferrell hilariously slurps up his sugary breakfast concoction while crumbling pop tarts on it.

If you’ve ever wanted to taste the Christmas flavor of Buddy’s Elf spaghetti, this is your year. HelloFresh is reintroducing its highly sought-after Buddy the Elf Spaghetti kit for the holiday season. This limited-edition kit, which was sold out within minutes last year, comes with a combination of ingredients fit for the North Pole. Included in the kit are a signature recipe card, Colavita spaghetti, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, fluffy marshmallows, chocolate candies, and a decadent chocolate frosted pastry.

As part of this year’s kit, you’ll find two aprons that mirror Buddy’s iconic green suit, along with two plates featuring an Elf theme. To commemorate the film’s 20th anniversary, a resealable plastic storage bag is also included.

The ‘Elf’ Spaghetti Kits Will Be Available on December 4th

The kits, consisting of two servings and five collectible items, are priced at $29.99. A limited quantity of kits will be available for purchase each day from Monday, December 4th through Friday, December 8th. Orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, opening daily at 12:25 pm EST.

However, the website isn’t just offering this one dish. HelloFresh is also featuring special recipes on their website, inspired by the movie Elf. One stand-out recipe is for the World’s Best Cup of Coffee (Cake) Brunch.

Kirsten Walpert, VP of Brand and Creative for HelloFresh US, was buzzed as Buddy over the recipes. “Watching holiday movies at home with family and friends has become a timeless tradition,” Walpert said. “Elf continues to be one of the most beloved films. After receiving so many positive reactions to the Buddy the Elf™ Spaghetti meal kit released last year, we’re thrilled to be bringing back the iconic candy-topped, syrupy dish along with a few special additions.”

Of course, Elf is now a holiday staple. In the beloved 2003 Yuletide classic, a baby named Buddy is orphaned and finds himself in Santa’s gift bag. He spends a year with a childless Elf in the magical North Pole, thinking he’s an Elf. But Buddy soon realizes his size prevents him from being Santa’s helper. His adoptive father reveals the truth: Buddy is human, and his biological father is in bustling New York. Filled with innocence and curiosity, Buddy embarks on a remarkable adventure to reunite with his family.