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Dolly Parton Fan Spots Concerning Moment During Her Cowboys Cheerleader Halftime Show

Dolly Parton Fan Spots Concerning Moment During Her Cowboys Cheerleader Halftime Show

Dolly Parton wowed NFL fans with her halftime performance during the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Commanders. However, some astute fans took note of the country queen’s shaky moves due to some suspect footwear.

For her high-energy performance, Parton donned a modified version of the Cowboys’ cheerleader uniform. The ensemble consisted of a white vest adorned with blue stars, a daring blue crop top that revealed her midriff, and white shorts. However, it’s worth noting that her midriff was actually covered by a beautifully embellished mesh. A dazzling crystal star graced her belly button, while additional crystals adorned the tights she wore. Perhaps one bit of the ensemble that should have been considered was her high-heeled cowboy boots.

“I’m going to need Dolly to stop trying to walk back and forth in these heels and holding on for dear life,” one concerned viewer Tweeted. The footage shows the country crooner clutching the sides of the set, clearly struggling to stay on her feet. “Dolly moving around like a Church Usher,” a fan quipped.

Fans Speculate on Dolly Parton’s Potential Halftime Show Slippage Fears

Fans were quick to blame Dolly Parton’s heels for the doddering moments during her halftime show performance. “That was very distracting,” one fan wrote. “If she had worn semi-sensible shoes, she probably could have been ON that star so everyone could see her rather than only being seen by one side…holding on for dear life! But she rocked the outfit!”

“I was very worried for her,” another viewer agreed. “[She was] repeatedly grabbing that star for support and looking a little uncertain in the process. I bet she’ll have a story to tell about that.”

Still, one NFL fan had a theory as to why Dolly Parton’s halftime show outing was a little shaky. “Someone said there was a stage malfunction and she was really supposed to be performing on the star,” they Tweeted. “That would explain her not having a lot of faith in the set.”

However, other fans felt a simple fix would have solved everything. “They could have put her in a pair of flat boots she would have been fine,” a fan observed.

Parton began the halftime show with her beloved anthem “Jolene,” seamlessly transitioning to another timeless hit, “9 to 5.” To the delight of the audience, she also rocked the stage with her rendition of Queen’s iconic anthem, “We Are the Champions.”